Friday, February 10, 2006

Senate and the People of RRRRRome

Dear Sage, You used to have problems pronouncing the "R's." You insist on saying "Mouse" because your "wat" sounds more like "what" (and not Rat) Then last October, on the way back from Baguio, you said you were "bowld" (bored) For some reason your Tita Deeai did something brilliant- she taught you how to pronounce "R." From the back seat I heard her tell you to say "GRRRRRR" (just like what you hear her say when she's really, really pissed) After a few repetitions, she told you to drop the "G" then say "RRRR." and then after a few kilometers later, on our way to Manila, you were saying "RAT" like a pro. Ofcourse at first you sounded like you were channelling a Shakespearean actor as you try to roll the "R" in your mouth, over your tounge then out your lips-Just like in the monologue "Friends, RRRRomans, Countrymen..."

So remember, the reason why you can pronounce "Rock 'n Roll" is because of the word Tita Deeai is saying in the picture below: "GRRRRRR!!!"


bing said...

congratulations to her tita for a job well done.

Duke said...

aaawww that is so cute!
friends.. Rrrrrromans.. countrymen :D

Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

That was rrrrreally cute, tk. :D

TK said...

Hi Guys! I was going to blog about the first picture with the roman soldier and the columns that look good on a 2 dimensional flat screen but can't exist in a 3 dimensional world. Like Utopia...


Then for some reason it reminded me of SPQR. THEN Sage's "RRRRR" lessons. I guess the blog entry turned out well, huh? Hope the kids get a kick out of this someday.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan