Thursday, September 21, 2006


To the CORPS:

The US marine corps "from the hills of montezuma to the shores of tripoli" had never known defeat except now. And it happened between the thighs of one of its personnel.

An organization steeped in tradition of fighting for the downtrodden should be beside the alleged Subic rape victim, "Nicole." The fighting Men and Women of the corps should gallantly face media and denounce the abuse Nicole suffered in the hands of "men" unworthy of the CORPS' uniform.

The names of these so called "men" should not appear in the honor roll of the CORPS but should be mentioned in the same breath as Jeffrey Dahmer and other sexually insecure individuals forced by their twisted genes to sublimate their sexual inadequacies through degrading treatment of other people.

I have been following the US MARINE'S Rape Case and I find it very galling that one of those present when the rape was committed did not lift a finger because he implied that "Nicole" deserved to be raped. In fact, the defense (and those lawyers in the prosecution who have sold out NICOLE) are practically saying that she is a woman of loose morals and deserves to get what she got at the backseat of a moving van while a group of US marines cheer on the accused rapist to BRING IT ON.

Those who say that any woman deserves rape should be invited to a maximum security prison to serve as the boytoy of ravenous prisoners that just got out of solitary confinement.

Those US MARINES charged with rape are a shame to the Uniform. From the testimonies it would seem that those morons don't even know how to use a condom nor do they know what "FOREPLAY" is. The first thing the Corps should do is to give the poor girlfriends of these US MARINES a dictionary. It is the only way these poor girls will ever know what the word "ORGASM" means. Aside from NICOLE, they too suffer from being involved with these US MARINES who have the sexual IQ of a very, very dumb worm.

To those accused of rape, "SLAM BANG, THANK YOU MA'AM" is not a mark of machismo. It is an act that simply betrays the INFIRMity of the poor guy suffering from premature ejaculation.

Real MEN woo women with words, magic, and sex appeal. We do not use our army buddies to pin down a woman so that we could jerk off on her while those same buddies jeer and cheer and IMPOTENTLY watch from the sidelines.

They should be dishonorably discharged from being part of MANKIND. To tolerate their use of the noun "Men" to refer to themselves is akin to lowering the standards of manhood.



schumey said...

Thanks for writing about Nicole. Since I have posted her site on my blog, awareness on the case grew and more and more bloggers have taken notice. I do my commenting in her site and I hope this case is not sold out just to appease the U.S. Your post is great, our group is also monitoring Nicole's case closely. From Europe to Asia, we have spread this awareness. As the case reaches its conclusion, let's all hope and pray that Nicole will get the justice she deserves. Thanks for visiting my site.

TK said...


snglguy said...

Shouldn't it be "from the halls of montezuma" instead of hills?

Have a great weekend, TK.

TK said...

I initially wanted to spoof the corps' hymn. neither finished nor started it though.

Thanks man!

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