Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Battering Women

To the FINCHES, Koryn, Dhes and Angel; A 7 yr. old child just asked me this question: If the Mommy is a Super Hero and the Daddy is a Super Villain will the baby be a hero or a villain? it got me stumped, fortunately, a much older man (obviously immensely WISER) gave this answer: The Good Heroes always win so the baby will be a hero too when he grows up.

The question was asked by a child whose mother is a victim of spousal abuse. I'd appreciate it if you could refer a good lawyer whose field of expertise is helping abused women. Paki refer na rin ng mga women's groups na pwedeng makatulong. Caveat ngalang, cut ng husband ang finances nung abused person kaya mukhang probono case.

Please email it to

Thank You and God Bless!!!


atticus said...

pang action center.

TK said...

She needs our help.

TK said...

dHES, thank YOU ha!

Li'l Light said...

may nakuha ka na bang resources? if not, i'll ask EGU or my feminist friends.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan