Monday, July 13, 2009


Last novel I read is Time Traveler's Wife. But it's the first time I read the whole novel in an ebook form (Breaking Dawn ebook I just skipped and read only the honeymoon part). Thanks to Angela Maureen, JJ's protege, who downloaded it for me then forwarded it via email.

July 9, 2009 was the day I finished reading the book.

The book is written like a non-linear diary (dates are jumbled-up). and incidentally, the diary entry for July 9, 1994 is my favorite...

July 9, 1994 (Henry is 31, Clare is 23)

"Today was Moving Day. All day it was hot; the movers’ shirts stuck to them
as they walked up the stairs of our apartment this morning, smiling because they figured a two-bedroom apartment would be no big deal and they’d be done before lunch time. Their smiles fell when they stood in our living room and saw Clare’s heavy Victorian furniture and my seventy-eight boxes of books. Now it’s dark and Clare and I are wandering through the house, touching the walls, running our hands over the cherry windowsills. Our bare feet slap the wood floors. We run water into the claw-footed bathtub, turn the burners of the heavy Universal stove on and off. The windows are naked; we leave the lights off and street light pours over the empty fireplace through dusty glass. Clare moves from room to room, caressing her house, our house. I follow her, watching as she opens closets, windows, cabinets. She stands on tiptoe in the dining room, touches the etched-glass light fixture with a fingertip.Then she takes off her shirt. I run my tongue over her breasts. The house envelops us, watches us, contemplates us as we make love in it for the first time, the first of many times, and afterward, as we lie spent on the bare floor surrounded by boxes, I feel that we have found our home."

You will enjoy the story If you can just forget about your rudimentary knowledge of physics and buy into the conceit that genetic mutation can actually cause one to travel through time. It is a novel for girls; it's mushy, cheesy, romantic. So what made me read it?

Blame it on the Heroine, Clare. She is HOT.

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atticus said...

oh man. i read that book in belgium and italy. yum.

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