Sunday, July 05, 2009


"Real Freedom can not be given. It must be Taken-- by arms, by cunning or both."

That's seems to be the message of Revolutionary America and its founding fathers.
If it's true then I'm worried about Iraq. should Obama decide to really give them Political Freedom on a silver platter, they will end up being politically free to be an economic and cultural slave of a superpower...

they will end up like the Philippines.

Guys, chill out. This is just a nonsense post.

anyway, Happy Independence day to the Galvez Clan in the US! and to You, President Obama! Rock On, Dude!

(actually, 4th of July used to be the Independence day of the Philippines too. Because one 4th of July right after the 2nd world war, the US gave this former colony Political Independence on a silver platter. Now we are free to buy products Made in America.)


atticus said...

hahaha. baliw ka rin, ano?

dapat ang independence day, idaos sa birthday ko.

iyon lang.

bing said...

ha ha ha natawa naman akong sobra.. this is not even qualified to be nonsense.

TK said...

JJ, you make sense, Pre. no superpower in his right mind would ever want to colonize a country that counts you as its native born citizen. takot lang nila. Deterrent ka.

Bing, you are too kind. ngapala tapos na quarantine namin ni Ayheen two weeks ago pa. Kinalantaryo lang nya ko araw at gabi.

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