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In the beginning...

Written last September 21, 2010

Last Sunday Night, while watching Discovery Channel’s feature on the Big Bang, Sage casually turned to me, smiled and said, the people (astronomers) lecturing about the universe are weird. I was mildly amused and asked her why so. Then she asked me a question that got me stumped:

Why do they study the Big Bang when everybody knows God created it
Tough question and I was caught off guard because I was multi-tasking (I was chatting with a friend about Big Bird and was not really paying attention to the Big Bang at the exact time she asked me that question.)

I unceremoniously logged out of ...the chat and decided to confront her question head on… Then I chickened out.

I told her I’d have to google the answer.

Google was not helpful too.

How in the name of hades can you actually separate science and religion at the point of space-time where it all began: THE BIG BANG. Even the four fundamental forces of nature were unified back then.

So I got back to her and tried to answer it as honestly as I could:

I said that we all know that God created the universe. The Bible says so. But we do not know HOW he created it. It is important to know HOW because it is important to always ask questions. It is important to be makulit. And all questions will ultimately lead you to the beginning of time.

She was not really that convinced. I could tell. But she probably saw the blood trickling down my nose so she mercifully withheld further questions for the night and just slept it off.

So I am asking you people:

JJ, A journalist and future dominator of the world;

JM, A Math Professor;

Mike, Applied Math Professional (ECE);

Gary, Social Mathematician (Biased ako sa Math People here because the BIGBANG is a Mathematical event);

Rush, An Atheist (Because the advancement of scientific knowledge was not hindered by disbelief in the prime mover);

HJ, A School Teacher (She is the most qualified to talk to a child about the point of creation);

I just want your feedback. Did you like my response to Sage’s question? What would you have told her?

(One caveat though, JJ, if you mention condoms to Sage again I swear by any gods there be I’m gonna hotwire an F16 and fire a maverick up your ass armed with anti-matter warheads. Capisce?)
Here are the answers I got from them...
JM: "ako ba yung "JM" dun? hehe... napressure naman ako. haha.. PARA SA AKIN, ok naman po ung response nyo. cguro lang, hindi pa ngaun ung right time para maintindhan lahat ni sage ung mga bagay bagay. Ang importatnte ay nasabi nyo na GOD is rea...lly the Creator. Isa pa, may mga tao pa rin kasi na hindi naniniwala dun kaya they still need to research more about the Creation scientifically.Yun ung purpose nung Discovery Channel. God's ways are different from human ways. God's mind is far above our minds kaya mahirap malaman kung pano talaga nangyari ang creation if we will look at it at very scientific point of view. Sage is so blessed kasi at her age, nandun na yung conviction na GOD is the ultimate Creator. Some may not agree with me, pero this is my stand. Although I belong to a scientific community, I still believe that God is the PRIME CAUSE. Sana nakatulong..."
JJ: "There's nothing to like and not to like. What you teach your kids reflects the values you want them to have. It is a reflection of your faith."
Mike: "I'm no math genius but you told me that I'm that Mike there so I'm gonna give this one a try.

You actually gave a good answer. All discoveries are brought about by a simple question. Now, how would have I answered her? I'd prolly tell her t...hat science continuously challenges religion to be able to strengthen it. Although I can't account for those who lost their faith in the process, I think everyone has this goal to solidify faith, whatever their faith maybe, by finding proof. I'm gonna quote one of my favorite books in hopes to better say my point. "Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some us go to Mecca, some of us study subatomic particles. In the end we are all just searching for truth, that which is greater than ourselves."

HJ: "hahahaha... i just read it now... hahahhaha napressure naman ako sa sinabi mong MOST QUALIFIED to talk about the pint of creation??? the first time i read your post natawa ako at naamaze sa little sage nyo... =) at young age she was able to... think and ask that way... =) well sana hndi ko na lang binasa ang comments hahhaha para di ako napressure...

well, you just gave her a good answer.. but then confuse parin ung bata for sure... at right age maiintindihan nya rin lahat... =) if i were the one asked that way, maybe i would answer her this way:

out of curiosity they tried to figure out kung pano nabuo ang mundo.. that is why may mga sciientist kasi not all people believe and knew GOD... (dahan2 ipaunawa mo sa bata na d lahat ng tao kilala si God or they consider God as God.) matalino si sage... just be prepare kasi may mga follow up questions talaga pagbata...
Gary: ...

The way I see it, naghahanap ka lang ng karamay kasi nga "you chickened out" hehe =)

And the Big Bang is a mathematical event, kaya mga estudyante ng Matematika kamo ang dapat mong karamay? Think ...again...

"Many academia mathematicians are happiest when they can find NO real world application to their research. They want to have nothing to do with reality and live in a world of math logic and symbols. They bemoan the fact that a significant portion of mathematics is currently applied to other problems. "

"Thus you have completed your first proof and you are beginning to understand how a mathematician is wary of the truth."

Sage: "Why do they study the Big Bang when everybody knows God created it?"

1. Did you like my response to Sage’s question?

- No (Sowee, hehe). You said you decided to confront her question head on. But then your first answer was: "I’d have to google the answer." Bad. And then you tried Religion (using the Bible). "It is important to be makulit." How do you reconcile the two, pre? Limiting ang relihiyon e, and yet you encourage her to constantly yearn for knowledge?

(To be sure, i guess I have to tell you that I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being. But I do not adhere to any religion/religious belief)

2. What would you have told her?

Those guys are weird. Hey, she's right after all, man!

Reminds me of the time my son, who was then six years old, asked me, "Papa, why do I have to be smart? I just said: "It's for your own sake, son." I didn't see the next question coming though: "Why, Papa, do you want me to invent weapons of mass destruction when I grow up?"
THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS GUYS! Pero hanggang ngayon hindi ko parin alam kung pano sasagutin sya...

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wait 'til she asks how babies are made.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan