Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick Or Treat '08


the republican party is not the party of Joe the plumber. It is the party of

Joe McCarthy.

Joe McCain, Please remember that you were a prisoner who had the honor of being tortured by vietcongs in hanoi hilton. So Stop taking any advice from your people who, by your definition of what enemies of freedom are, should be locked up in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

Your advisers, sir, have no shame, no code and no honor. Because of them, a war hero like you will be BLACK LISTED by history... Just like Joseph McCarthy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sabine's Early Birthday Celebration

Sabine's 5th Birthday is on October 30. But last week, October 21, she celebrated it with her classmates. Then this weekend we ate out, Sage and Sabine watched HSM3 while Sadie watched me bowl. Then we bummed around the mall and did our grocery.

Sabine Ayn, I heard you read the sign "MovieTime" before you watched the HSM3 movie... And the sign "Tom's World" outside Robinson's Galleria building facing the church. Soon you'll be reading 'Em signs like a PRO.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Dear Sadie, Everytime you get inside the car, you always ask me, "Dad, put go hom..." What you mean is you want to listen to Chris Daughtry's "Home"

and when you say "put talk to me" you want us to listen to his other song "Used To Be"

This afternoon while updating your blog, I read what I wrote last July 29. It's about how the joys outweigh the pain most of the time for me. Well with you guys around, like this afternoon, I really don't need rock music to put a smile on my face.

You three ROCK!

Gospel According to Jon (Bon Jovi)

Sunday. Just another sunday... Take this rage away, Dear God. I thought I had it controlled... But it keeps coming back to haunt me. But Music helps. Thank God for ROCK!

You been robbed

You been used
You been crucified and
You been abused
You been sacrificed and
Now you're confused
Ain't it the truth

You got a hole in your head
And a cold empty spot
In your big brass bed
When you're mad at the world and
You feel like you're losing control
All you need to get by is
A little bit o soul

When you've lost in the flood
And you feel like you been
Kicked through the mud
You know they still
Haven't found the drug
To pick us up

Feeling down, misunderstood
You know these times
They ain't looking so good
When you're mad at the world and
You feel like you're losing control
What we all need to get by is
A little o soul

Whoa oh
Little bit of soul
What we all need
To survive
Is just
A little bit o soul

Everyone's complaining
Nothing but frustration
The king has pissed in
Your pot of gold
It ain't entertaining spending
So much time in the hole
Send down
A little bit o soul

When you're mad at the world
And you feel like
You're losing control
What we all need
To get by is just
A little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blessed be the ROCK

"Hossanah! Blessed be the ROCK and may the God of my salvation be exalted!"

Dear Sage, It's sunday today. Your Glee club sang at the Maria Dela Strada Church in Katipunan. You were with Elysa, Perika, Chirbee, Evi and other classmates that I don't really know. At first you were in the second row but for some reason, in the middle of the mass, you teacher asked you to join the others in the front row.

After the mass we dropped off Elyza and Tito Ed at Ali Mall. then we went to Megamall to have lunch. I bowled 5 games. You didn't join me because your Lola said that she doesn't want you to get tired for your sunday afternoon review.

For the first time I saw you really ride the bike this afternoon. While we were away our help, Ate Ning, assisted you while you try to learn to balance yourself in a moving bike with two wheels. You know what's amazing? Your AteNing herself doesn't know how to ride.

We went to Raj, our village's local Jack Sparrow, to look for DVD's. Unfortunately he wasn't open for business. While you were in your bike, I was in my rubber shoes, running beside you.

I was not only burning calories, I was also burning bridges. Some bridges need to be burned so that no one else will get hurt... that is, no one else except me.

some days, the joys outweigh the pain. But not today... I actually prayed for rain. It didn't come.

"When you're mad at the world
and you feel like you are losing contol,
all you need to survive,
is a little bit of soul... woo hoo wo ho wo ho...
a little bit of soul." -Jon Bon Jovi

Amen, Jon. Amen

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan