Monday, June 28, 2010



"In 1946 the American Transit Association, through its radio program, “Speak to America,” sponsored a nationwide contest to find the REAL Kilroy, offering a prize of a real trolley car to the person who could prove himself to be the genuine article.
Almost 40 men stepped forward to make that claim, but only James Kilroy from Halifax, Massachusetts had evidence of his identity.

Kilroy was a 46-year old shipyard worker during the war. He worked as a checker at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy. His job was to go around and check on the number of rivets completed. Riveters were on piecework and got paid by the rivet.
Kilroy would count a block of rivets and put a check mark in semi-waxed lumber chalk, so the rivets wouldn’t be counted twice. When Kilroy went off duty, the riveters would erase the mark. Later on, an off-shift inspector would come through and count the rivets a second time, resulting in double pay for the riveters.

One day Kilroy’s boss called him into his office. The foreman was upset about all the wages being paid to riveters, and asked him to investigate. It was then that he realized what had been going on. The tight spaces he had to crawl in to check the rivets didn’t lend themselves to lugging around a paint can and brush, so Kilroy decided to stick with the waxy chalk. He continued to put his checkmark on each job he inspected, but added KILROY WAS HERE in king-sized letters next to the check, and eventually added the sketch of the chap with the long nose peering over the fence and that became part of the Kilroy message. Once he did that, the riveters stopped trying to wipe away his marks.
Ordinarily the rivets and chalk marks would have been covered up with paint. With war on, however, ships were leaving the Quincy Yard so fast that there wa sn’t time to paint them. As a result, Kilroy’s inspection “trademark” was seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troopships the yard produced. His message apparently rang a bell with the servicemen, because they picked it up and spread it all over Europe and the South Pacific. Before the war’s end, “Kilroy” had been here, there, and everywhere on the long haul to Berlin and Tokyo.

To the unfortunate troops outbound in those ships, however, he was a complete mystery; all they knew for sure was that some jerk named Kilroy had “been there first.” As a joke, U.S. servicemen began placing the graffiti wherever they landed, claiming it was already there when they arrived.
Kilroy became the U.S. super-GI who had always “already been” wherever GIs went. It became a challenge to place the logo in the most unlikely places imaginable (it is said to be atop Mt. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the underside of the Arch De Triumphe, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon.)

And as the war went on, the legend grew. Underwater demolition teams routinely sneaked ashore on Japanese-held islands in the Pacific to map the terrain for the coming invasions by U.S. troops (and thus, presumably, were the first GI’s there). On one occasion, however, they reported seeing enemy troops painting over the Kilroy logo! In 1945, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Roosvelt, Stalin, and Churchill at the Potsdam conference. The first person inside was Stalin, who emerged and asked his aide (in Russian), “Who is Kilroy?” …

To help prove his authenticity in 1946, James Kilroy brought along officials from the shipyard and some of the riveters. He won the trolley car, which he gave it to his nine children as a Christmas gift and set it up as a playhouse in the Kilroy front yard in Halifax,Massachusett"

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Independence Day 2010 is also the 45th Wedding Anniversary of Ninong Tirso and Ninang Sonia Calaranan. Renewal of their wedding vow was held at the Stonecrest Village's, Holy Family Chapel, San Pedro, Laguna. Reception was at the clubhouse. Entertainment was by the newly formed Band, C4.

C4 is composed of the Grand Children and Grand Niece of the Calaranan couple ("Calaranan 4" got it?)

Lead guitar: Kaye Calaranan Bangsil. Incoming 4th Grader. She shreds that guitar like a pro. Future Santana.

Vocalists: Sage Decena Galvez. Incoming 5th Grader (singer on the left side of the screen). My daughter.  And Janine Calaranan Idquival. Incoming 6th Grader. (Drummer's Sister.)

Drums: Darren Calaranan Idquival. A Surfer dude. His sister's classmates once told her "Your Brother is HOT."

This is their first live gig. They sang Taylor Swift's "Fearless"

BTW, Just ignore the tone deaf idiot singing the chorus in the background... yes. that was me.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sabine learns to bike

Boyfriend ng Ninang ni Tristan

Hoy Lalake! Tutuliin ka namin ng tinidor ng Tatay ko pag pinaiyak mo Ninang Dhes ko. Maliwanag?-- Tristan

Sunday, June 06, 2010

New Moon

Dear Kids, after mass at Megamall, we bought a dvd of New Moon. You're watching them right now.

"These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,Which as they kiss consume."- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 2.3

Like Fire and Powder... ahh... parang fireworks...

June 6, 1989... Requiescat In Pace

History calls June 6 "D-Day."

To my wife, Ayheen, and my Mother-in-law, Letty Decena, D-Day 1989 was the day they lost a sister and a daughter, respectively.

My deceased Father-in-law, Lony Decena, was a Filipino Ex-pat, an OFW working in the US. He passed away 21 years ago. He had to leave the comfort of TK, his family and friends to seek fortune in a foreign land to be able to support his youngest daughter's medical treatment. He was a good man. Exactly 40 days after his passing, on D-Day 1989, Ayheen's only sister, Adeline ("Adhey" to her friends) succumbed to Diabetes Type 1. Those were the saddest days of my wife's life.

I wasn't there. I was not yet a part of their life.

To the good hearted people of TagKawayan, thank you for helping Ayheen and Mommy survive, move on, and triumph over this darkest of days.

Malaki utang na loob ko sa inyo.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Dear Sage, while your sisters and bro slept last night, your Mom and I watched Prince of Persia with you in her netbook while we're squeezed altogether in the small sofa in our bedroom. You both enjoyed the movie. As for me, except for the Parkour scenes, I slept most of the time.

Yesterday you also enjoyed a game of street badminton with your Mom. Sabine still has to work on her serve but she will get the hang of it one of these days.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Testosterone: That explains paucity of hair.

Tristan: Dad, why do I have thin hair?

Dad: Whad you mean thin? it's getting thicker as we speak. So stop whining man.

Tristan: Oh Yeah... while I'm growing some, you're losing yours.

Dad: that's the "circle of life," Dude.

Tristan: Oh yeah. Hey, is it as big as that monkish hairless circle growing on your head?

Dad: Smartass...
Atleast when I finally lose them all, I'd finally look like Derek Ramsey... Ok I'm kidding... kahit si Chris Daughtry na lang.

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan