Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flawed Hero

the following is the edited txt message exchange between me and Ms.X this

Sunday, 29 June 2008. The Morning of Pacman Vs. Diaz Fight

Me: you in church? kidding.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:26:48)
In bed. Reading Time. But yeah, was thinking of going to church when the masses are over. Para solo ko bahay ni Bossing.

Then I told Ms.X why I need her to pray for me...

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:34:48)
Okay. Will go to His place na talaga (CHURCH). Para sa iyo at kay pacman. Sana matalo. Babaero.

Me:(June 29, 2008 08:49:11)
I want him to win. para pag na knock out KO sya hindi nya masasabing dahil laos na sya.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:37:15)
Babaero sya eh. Dapat matalo.

Me:(June 29, 2008 08:51:08)
yes, but I want ME to be the one to knock him out. not some second rate mexican.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:38:10)
Okay. Will tell Him (The BOSS) you said hi.

Dear Kids, You guys must be wondering why I wanted Obama to win. I should have been rooting for Hillary since she's a woman, she represents NEW YORK in capitol hill, and you kids probably would like to identify with her.


I do not see her as a woman. I do not see her as a good example for you to emulate. Hillary knew Bill lied to her and Chelsea. When she decided to stand by her family, to stand by Chelsea, to save her marriage by not leaving Bill, I expected her to stand by her principles as well.

When she decided to enter politics, those "principles" began to unravel. Her feminism was merely a red herring to corner the women's votes. Nothing more. She is not a Feminist. She forfeited her womanhood when she swallowed her pride and became a PINDEHO for the sake of her presidential ambition.

Had she decided to stay with her family, and out of politics, she would have been true to herself. She would have been a good example to women. To Sage, Sabine and Sadie.

By entering politics, she is telling women everywhere that it's okay to be treated like a doormat (okay lang gaguhin) as long as the one who abused you used his influence to get you elected senator, and then, campaign for you when you become a presidential contender for a Major party.

By entering politics, she placed a price tag on something priceless: HUMAN DIGNITY.

at isa pa... the US SC is just one Justice away from reversing ROE Vs. WADE. I may be a feminist too, but I am an ANTI-ABORTION FEMINIST (Some women think I have no right to the word "Feminist" because of this stand. With due respect, my wife thinks I'm one. That's why I don't give a rat's ass about what they think.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glee Club Auditions

Dear Sage, this morning I got a message from your Mom telling me that you didn't make the cut. I called her up. She said that you sounded OK when you told them that you were not chosen to join the Glee Club. Then she said that on the way to school you already have a backup plan should you fail (it's either the Media Club or the BeadWork Club).

I called up your Lola and asked if she already heard. She said that you sounded OK when you called them up to tell the news.

You worked hard for it all summer long. But when it seemed that you wouldn't be able to make it, you were surprisingly calm. So were those three.

I wasn't. But I was so happy because even though you were taking the fates' merciless blow in the chin, you were soldiering on. ALL three of them said it's OK. That's why I calmed down.

Because you are OK.

Kaya nga yung background music nito ay "GO on Girl" ni Ne-Yo na may lyrics na...

"Trust me when I say, that I'll be OK"

I wrote a letter to your teacher to allow you to audition for the glee club a few days ago. I was thinking "DANG! must be the syntax errors and my carabao english that did you in. I should have let Dhes or JJ or Koryn write it for me". But because you seem to be moving on, I stopped the urge to kick my head and to poke my eyes with my toes, sabay sabi sa sarili "I stupid."

The day wore on and I even forgot about it when I got home. Then you surprized me with the news:


Despite of the sorry excuse for a letter that I wrote, you got accepted to the club. The reason why you thought you didn't make it was because there were two auditions. The first two members were announced in the morning. they belonged to the first batch who auditioned while those of you who passed in the second batch were announced before classes were out.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Dear Sabine, When you draw a picture there is always a house, a stick figure representing you and your sisters, a tree, birds in the sky, and the SUN. When I was your age the elements in my doodles always include a nipa hut, a rice field, and two mountains. Resting between those twin peaks is the SUN.

Only later on did I realize that in real life, that view of the sun nestled between those two mountains could only happen only once or twice a year. The site where the sun sets, or rises, in the horizon always changes everyday. At a given day in a year, the sun will set just behind the mountain on the right, in another day it will set between the two, and in another day it will set behind the mountain on the left (right-middle-left). then later the reverse will happen (left-middle-right).

And if we live in a place on the EQUATOR, there will be a day in a year when the sun will be directly overhead at NOON TIME. That day is called Summer Solstice.

I snitched this Photo above from the blog of our friend, Tita Dhes. If this were taken in a country on the equator at noon time of summer solstice, there won't be any shadows, or they will be kept to a minimum because the sun will be directly overhead.

So why does the sun rise and set in different parts of the horizon? Why is the Sun directly overhead at noon time of summer solstice in places along the equator? It's because as the Earth revolves around the sun, it is spinning on its axis while tilted at 23.5 degrees towards the general direction of POLARIS... Before I put you to sleep, I'll end here (fair warning, JJ, babalikan ko topic na ito, isasama ko kung bakit hanga ako sa ancient greeks, kung paano na measure ni Eratosthenes ang circumference ng mundo during Summer Solstice, etc.)

It's just that Yesterday was Summer Solstice. And when I asked you if you want the Baby in Mommy's tummy to be a Boy or a Girl, you said that you want him to be a BOY. Before when I asked you the same question you wanted a Girl.

So maybe, Mom and I will have a very healthy SON this time.

Summer Solstice

June 20, 2008

Dear Sage, Today we went to your school to attend your 3rd Grade Parent-Teacher meeting. Your Mom and I decided to fetch Sabine before going to your school. While the meeting was going on, you played with some of your classmates and you introduced Sabine to them. Karen kept on calling her "Cute Baby".

After your teacher finished with her powerpoint presentation all your 3rd grade mentors were introduced onstage. These past years I always tell your Mom that one of the qualifications to teach there is that one should not only look smart, she should also look plain. Why? because other mothers of lesser substance will feel threatened by teachers who qualify as the pupils' Dad's Idea of what a "HOT Chick" is.

Actually, I was wrong-- not about those insecure, desperate housewives-- but about your teachers looking homely. Most of them I've seen only for the first time.

When you looked bored after the meeting I slyly asked about one of your teachers (the new one who looks really cute). You eyed me suspiciously and told me that you know why I'm asking about her. I innocently asked, "are you sure why?" Then you said, "you know what, Dad?...

then I said, "No I don't"

No I don't...

Big Tummy
No I don't.

The reason why Your Mom doesn't mind me asking about teachers with large boobs, is because you guys hate it when I do ask about them. She's not the jealous type (like me) but for some mysterious reason, she was able to make you guys check on me and my predilection for your teacher's better anatomical qualities.

Hindi nga sya selosa (with few exceptions) pero naturuan naman nya kayong magselos para sa kanya.

Smart ass.

Today you also auditioned for the glee club. You said you sang The Greatest Love Of All. But while you were in the hallway you kept on singing Rihanna's Umbrella.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008's Post

Dear Kids, few days back I've read a post of snglyguy entitled "From the pond and into the frying pan" . Since our friend, Tita JJ, already threatened to tell you about my obnoxious confession there (How I used to love eating adobong kermit the frog) I decided to come clean. Yes! I LOVED ADOBONG PALAKA. past tense since I haven't tasted one recently.

Pam palubag loob kay Tita JJ, I'd like to share this story which I've read somewhere, sometime ago in an intellectual journal (either FHM or MAXIM magazine... ok, I'm kidding.)

The sailor was eyeing the dark smoke billowing from the steam ship in the horizon. It was approaching really fast, a few more leagues (miles, or so) and he will be free from the Ghost ship that has imprisoned him for 5 years. Below the deck, the captain of the ship called The Flying Dutchman was oblivious of his plans to escape since the devil himself was onboard, playing cards with their captain. And all the demon crew were being regaled by their skills in cheating each other. When the sailor reckoned that the steam ship was finally just a hundred yards away, he jumped into the wine dark sea. The First Officer of the Steam ship saw the straggler almost immediately. He signaled his men to prepare for rescue.

Finally aboard the steam ship, still shaking, the sailor kissed the deck, thank the Heavens and every soul within reach.

The captain came down from the Bridge and asked him curiously, "What ship was that you escaped from? From the horizon it looked like the sails are glowing with the fires of St. Elmo and wherever it goes, the dark clouds thunder above it?"

The sailor responded, "Sire, it was The Flying Dutchman".

The most religious members of the crew gasped in unison and made the sign of the cross, a vain attempt to ward off the evil eye. Because all sailors know that to see the sails of the Ghost ship brings bad luck.

The captain just smiled and said, "You're are now safe, my son. You are aboard the only ship on Earth that even the gods themselves can not sink."

He helped the sailor to his feet and with the panache of a show man he said,

"Welcome aboard... the TITANIC!"

Now, that's what I call...

Out of the frying pan and into the FIRE

Click on the link above to read the lyrics of the song.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Dear Atticus, San ka papunta? sana sa Europa. Kelan uwi mo?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

With Words and Magic

"You rule men with WORDS, and MAGIC"-- James Clavell's Tai-Pan

Dear Kids, like most amateur pundits, I first noticed Obama after he delivered THAT SPEECH during the 2004 Democratic Convention.

For lack of a better word, the text was "Kennedyesque".

Just take a moment and think about this: With ONE SPEECH he captured the imagination of a stranger who was an ocean away.


When you guys become Educators, Community Leaders, MD's, with MBA's, CEO's, Directors of large Hospitals, HMO's; when you convene the Security Council or seat as Secretary General of the UN General Assembly, when you finally mount that hostile takeover of Microsoft from Gates himself (I have a hunch he will still be alive for a very long time) remember that when you lead men to battle, they will only die for you only when you say the right words. And even when you do say the words, PRAY that the magic will work its miracle on those who hear you speak.

CONGRATS OBAMA... Now for the hard part.

Will Americans decide to take back their Government from George Orwell Bush and cut a Byronic swath across the pages of history to redeem and reclaim their libertarian legacy? Or will they decide to remain as prisoners of Hanoi Hilton and Abu Ghraib?

Godspeed and ROCK ON, BaROCK!

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan