Monday, June 19, 2006

Day at the Beach (June 18, 2006)

Dear Sage, Yes! that's me on a broken surfboard!

It's a long story.

You were enjoying your day in the beach when you came out of the water crying, in pain, pointing at your legs. When I washed it in running water I noticed that it was becoming erythematous. Obviously you were bitten by an insect in the water. It didn't look like a jelly fish sting. You got better after a few minutes with the help of a mild topical steroid. BUT you refused to go back to the water. There was a cartoon/anime program on TV and you said you wanted to watch instead.

That means you have been traumatized by a small insect from Poseidon's domain. I found that unacceptable.

After a few protestations from you I was finally able to bring you back to the beach. Even after I checked the waters myself you refused to dip your toe. I had to do something or you will lose your confidence to swim in the sea again. I rented one of the two surfboards in the courtyard for 100 bucks/ 4 hours. I looked so funny whenever I make those attempts at surfing the waves you finally left the shore to join me in my folly.

We had our pictures taken, together with Sabine.

You're a brave girl, Sage.

Later on, while sitting on the sandy beach I was in such a philosophical mood that I began to compose the "Poseidon Prayer." The one I published earlier in this blog. In those very waters so many years ago I was foolish enough to swim the whole day until I was all alone and had a bout of cramps while far away from the shore. I have no idea how I got back without drowning. I was not really a strong swimmer. But I decided not to let that experience hinder my love for the sea. I won't let Poseidon get the best of me. Not yet. You should not fear him too.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

To Fear the One True God means to obey and respect him. Hence, we must refuse obeisance to mortal tyrants and petty gods- that includes Poseidon too. and a lot of politicians.

I think I must remind you though that you and your sisters must never confuse valor with foolishness. Always be careful. Especially when you defy the gods.

Sabine with Yaya, Sadie, Ayheen and Sage.


CL said...

Cool! Looks like a lot of fun. Where at?

As much as I like swimming, I prefer the indoor pool but the chlorine in it burns. My skin can't tolerate the bleach in the pool and beach tanning process. :)

snglguy said...

Hey tk, is that you on a surfboard?

TK said...

CL> La Union
Sngl> Yes. Just before being wiped out for the umpteenth time. Just proves that you can never be too old to make a fool of yourself.

may said...

Hi Doc! ang gaganda ng mga girls mo mana sa daddy?.hahaha. buti ka pa may mga girls,boys kasi ung sa kin grabe ang kukulit.

gud luck sa new office mo. see ya around!

jairam said...

Hi Doc, your girls are very lucky to have you as their Dad. To dedicate a blog for his daughters is amazing. It's usually the Moms who do this :)

TK said...

May> Thanks!
Jairam> My wife and I are very pleased to make your acquaintance. (She checks on me once in a while- just to be sure I don't use this blog to pick-up gullible chicks;)

Serendipity said...

Found your blog through another link...niceheart I think.

You have lovely girls. And a day at the beach is always wonderful! All my kids seem to really like's summertime in TX, and they would spend all day every day at the water park if I let them

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan