Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Dear Sabine, Every time you eat M&M you make it a point to share your loot with us. But we noticed recently that you don't just give them indiscriminately. You have created your own color coding scheme. You reserve the yellows for Mommy Ayheen , Reds for Ate Sage, Oranges for Lola Letty, Greens for You... And pour moi? the Blues.

I guess I've been playing the blues since yesterday when Les Bleus lost to the Italians. Zidane's exit was really heart rending.

But heck, it was his fiery passion anyway that brought them as far as the FINALS. what a ride, eh? Who would've thought they'd beat Brazil? Thank God I did not have spare change like some of my friends last friday. They lost them all to those who bet on the Italians.

Ok, that's what you call rationalization.

Anyway, you've always been generous, Sabine. "Sharing" is something that is ingrained within you. It is something you won't out grow.


tin-tin said...

sabine is so sweet. at least it's equal sharing and you know that you are special having your own color.

it's a sad loss, noh? especially for zidane :(

snglguy said...

Too bad about the French. But they fought a good fight, and there's always the next WC. It's nice to see that Sabine is showing a natural tendency to share at such a young age. :-)

TK said...

Tin> Nobody taught her that (color coding scheme)

Sngl> Nakakataba ng puso. I wasn't that generous. Takes after her Mom thank God

bing said...

that's nice.. buti na lang nagmana sa he he

Ronald Allan said...

Fascinating...color coding m&m's. :-) Pretty sweet kid. Sweeter than the m&m's. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan