Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Force

Dear Sage, It was my turn to review you last night for your Science exam. Our review went something like this:

Me: Can a non-living object without an engine move by itself?

Sage: No.

Me: is wind a force?

Sage: Yes

Me: is your book living or non-living

Sage: NON-living

Me: What outside forces can move the pages of your book?

Sage: Humans, wind, running water if I drop it in the river...

Me: Can ghosts move the pages of your book?

Sage: No, they're not real.

(Well done my young Pad-wan)


Anonymous said...

i like what you said about how you want your daughters to grow up to be strong women. even in this age, it is rare that a parent says that. you should be lauded for that. :)

filipinos have long idealized maria clara as the symbol of filipino women. little do they know that even jose rizal, her creator, didn't want mothers to rear their daughters to be meek and pious little lambs. he wanted filipinas to be fighters, to be involved in worthy causes.

Anonymous said...

I believe I used the word "Kick-ass"

Anonymous said...

Good answer. Good for her.

My youngest son was attracted to the screen when he saw me reading this. He recognized the pictures of Obi Wan. :)

Anonymous said...

I've always liked Ben more than Yoda. Maybe because Sir Alec was a real Knight.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan