Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bye Budapest!

Dear Kids, Your Mommy Ayheen was supposed to attend the IPNA convention in Budapest. But there was a SNAFU committed by the travel agency. The promised VISAs were never issued to them on time. We're really pissed with that agency. But atleast we get to have her to ourselves instead of being thousands of miles away from us, eh? Instead of turning this into a rant against PanMalayan (oops, I slipped) I just want to remember what I was looking forward to when your Mom was about to leave (No Sngl, it's not the chance to finally go to Pegasus). Actually, it was the chance to be at the airport terminal to welcome her back from her trip.

A few days ago, Pretty Tin reminded me of a movie I saw with your Mom. It was an ensemble piece entitled "Love Actually" (I'm sure there has to be a comma there somewhere). Anyway, during the opening scene, Hugh Grant was narrating over an airport scene full of people ecstatically greeting and hugging their loved ones who just got off the plane. He played the english Prime Minister who said that when his Job takes a toll on his sanity, he remembers those scenes from the airport. Then he concluded that Love is actually all around us.

Your Mom and I had the chance to be in the airport arrival terminal either as the one getting off the plane or the one waiting outside to be the first to glimpse the other after a long absence. It's really a spectacular feeling to see her after her trip-- Just like the feeling she felt when she welcomed me after mine. I'm sure that feeling is shared by so many people in that place. and that feeling, of being surrounded by a horde of people with only LOVE in their hearts, is very palpable only in very few places apart from an airport's arrival terminal.

Maybe next time we'll get to see again the thrill and sweet anticipation on the faces of people waiting for their beloved in an International Airport's Arrival Terminal so that I could show you that Love is trully, Actually, Literally all around us.

But next time, we will surely get the services of a different Travel Agency.


Abaniko said...

This happened to a supervisor colleague but it wasn't the fault of the travel agency. She's supposed to go to Madrid for a 3-day conference but getting a visa would take at least two weeks. She never had enough time. Her visa arrived on the last day of the conference. Too bad.

Anyway, your wife can have other opportunities for travel naman. Wait again. :)

bingskee said...

hi, tk, i love that line - Love is trully, Actually, Literally all around us.

well, there is a reason for everything. :-D

tin-tin said...

pegasus? sa west ave.. guest nila si gwen garci. bket alam ko? araw-araw kong nadadaanan. hahaha.

pero oo nga... sweet nga yung airport scene. khet sa real life. kaya ang sad pag walang sumusundo. hehehe ;p

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