Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a Guy Thing

This Picture was taken last February 15 in Baguio, at the Luzon Nazarene Bible College Compound. Tristan was exactly 2 months old that day.

Yes. There are 3 generations of gents in that picture. and I'm sure like the rest of MANkind we all jumped like crazy this morning when we heard the news:


Which makes you wonder about that loser who almost snagged her. Okay, now every body say:

"Dude, are you mental? That's Meghan Fox you are breaking up with."


bingskee said...

is that your father? nice photo, tk.

Rudy said...

Err... future lady killer like his Dad? ;-)

tin-tin said...

taga-baguio kayo?

atticus said...

huwaw. talaga namang idinamay mo sa sintemyento ang inaanak ko, ano?

umayos ka. kick-ass lawyer na mountain climber ang ide-date ng inaanak ko. hindi model. hmph.

TK said...

Bing> That's my Dad. The one who had a hemorrhagic stroke last November.

Rudy> "Lady Killer" hey, it was an accident. that was the first and last time I cooked adobo for a lady (I got acquitted, BTW)

PrettyOne> we're not from Baguio, pero next time you're there, you can watch the kids on the radio and hear them on TV... teka, parang mali.

JJ> lawyer? walang alam sa clinical anatomy? I don't think so.

mas okay ang Kick-Ass Pediatrician with a pre-med degree in Kamasutra. YEAH! and she better know how to handle semi-automatic weapons (BTW, looking exactly like Meghan Fox is just a bonus, so chill out, P're.)

prinsesamusang said...

LOL kahit mga babae find megan hot LOL

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan