Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Nicole, the victim of US MARINES' violence

"And when you look into her eyes, you won’t believe
The way she’s always payin,
For a debt she never owes..."-- Wildflower

I am not going to recount in my daughters' and son's blog the ordeal you went through in the hands of US MARINE's Lance Corporal DAN SMITH and his other US MARINE buddies a couple of years ago.

I just want you to hear something which I know you've heard before; But mostly from other women like yourself, maybe some of them are victims too like you.

I want you to hear these words coming from a MAN:

You do not deserve to be raped.
No woman does.

You do not deserve to be treated
the way those US MARINES treat women.
No woman does.

You do not owe us, or the "U.S.," any explanation
or debt.

But those U.S. MARINES do.

Even though those US MARINES have no idea
what human dignity means, You Still Deserve
to be treated with respect.

You Deserve Better



bingskee said...

i believe that she is a victim but still, how could she have allowed them to treat her more inferior by changing her statements at parang sa tingin ko ay nakipag amicable settlement pa? nalulungkot ako talaga sa mga pangyayari.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't raped!!! There is a victim here, and his name is Daniel Smith. Nicole (Suzette Nicolas) is just a whore that used everyone to get her dream of being in the US. She used Daniel Smith, she used those fools at gabriela, she used you...everyone! To think of all those racist, anti-american rallies that she caused. All those comments about "There will be more Nicoles". Does anyone realize how many women have married american military men and live in peace? One slut has managed to turn an entire nation into racists...and the world is watching. The only anti-american is Nicole...she can't get enough of America. In fact, she's probably in Disneyland right now with her American bf..who just happened to be a marine. Hmm, but she is a victim, right?

TK said...

I agree, CONVICTED RAPIST DAN SMITH is a victim here.

Records show his liberty buddy and fellow US MARINES in that van egged him on. They said something like "Go Daniel!" or something. In medical books, anybody who needs a cheering squad to get it up to be able to molest a helpless waif inebriated by liquor is a victim of ED Erectile Dysfunction... psst, it means impotence, sir (The wife asked me to use only "small" words with minimum syllables just incase small dick daniel is reading this. We want him to understand everyword, sir)

Kidding aside, Yes you are right. Danny is the smallest fry of all those who stood in trial. He was one of the youngest I believe. Poor small fry. He is a victim of His seniors' and liberty buddy's attitude towards the Philippines as the land of R&R in the era of Cubi Point where the US Marines are the main beneficiaries of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Those US MARINES in that van should have known better. And yet they egged him on as small dick... I mean... small fry Danny raped with extreme difficulty the semi-unconscious Nicole.

Anonymous said...

TK, millions of pinays have married US men over the years and are perfectly happy, yet you and gabriela have become so anti-american and racist it is disgusting. the whole work is watching your behavior and it isn't pretty. Nicole is a whore. She used you like a fool and you can't admit that because your heart is too full of hate for america. That's sad. You and nicole both represent the average pinay. God help us all.

TK said...

thanks man, maybe GABRIELA should make me an honorary member then. I hope you'll be kind enough to nominate me as an HONORARY WOMAN. If laced with your usual vitriol, your letter will not escape their attention and will make your nomination more believable.

Ofcourse you should write to them without the protection of anonymity. I'm sure you are man enough. right?

If you are going to call anybody names in my daughters' and son's blog (THEKID.TK), please do it in style. calling those poor Les Belles De Nuit "whores" is not very becoming of a gentleman.

(Author's Note: to the GALVEZ CLAN of NEW YORK, you guys know how much I LOVE NY; the green train, central park, grand station, MoMA, SEX AND THE CITY!)


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