Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wicked History

Dear Sage, Yesterday (April 2) we went to your school to get your grades. They are all OUTSTANDING. So your wish came true. You are graduating with Honors again. 3rd time in as many years you've spent in Grade School. Congratulations! The credit ofcourse goes to your Mom and my in-laws who tutor you without ceasing. My only contribution is that OUTSTANDING grade Ms. Steigerwald gave you for being punctual (I drove you and Kay and Ate Janine to school every morning)

There was a bookfair in the waiting area of Miriam College Grade School. I told you as a gift you can choose any book and you chose to buy a big book titled THE WICKED HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Tonight you told me that you have already read most of it.

It is indeed a Wicked read. I understand why you couldn't put it down because lately, I've been addicted to the Wicked History of England during the Reign of the Tudors as presented in HBO (ofcourse it helps that the actress playing Anne Boleyn is somebody like Natalie Dormer.)

As you have read in the Preface of the book, what we have learned from history is that we never learned from History. May your generation be different-- Especially when you become the UN Secretary General someday, or the Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.

I'll post an entry about Sabine's Graduation. She Graduated with Honors too like last year. This is her only second year of schooling.

Buti nalang mana kayo kay Sexy.


atticus said...

dear sage, honey, you deserve your name. sometimes parents come up with the right name for their kids, and yours is one of them.

be a kick-ass lawyer when you grow up, ha?

(huwag nang humirit ang tatay, please.)

congrats too, sabine! magaling na bata. :)

tin-tin said...

maganda yung book?

gagaling naman ng mga anak mo :)

bingskee said...

congratulations, sage and sabine. manang-mana talaga he he sa mom! and of course sa dad din nila (ayan bumawi ako ha)

TK said...

Yes, mana sila kay Sexy hindi saken. (God, these people, must I state the obvious?)

angel directo said...

i looooove the tudors! sooo many hot men! :)

TK said...

yeah, I can't wait to see those hot englishmen jerks get burned in the stake. or mutilated by the inquisition.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan