Friday, February 26, 2010

Akyat Center

When I was a kid as a treat to me when we visit Manila, My Dad would usually drive by Roxas boulevard so that we can see the then lonely monolith, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, rising from what used to be the waters of Manila Bay. Once sighted, I remember I always excitedly wrap my arms around my Mother’s neck as I try to pull myself up from the car seat while shouting “Akyat Center, Akyat Center!” (It was a signal to my Dad. I wanted him to drive the car up the ramp of the Cultural Center so that we can view the length of Roxas Boulevard from the top and then glide down on the other end like a slow moving plane coming back to the level of the earth). That was “the event” that I usually looked forward to whenever we came over for the Christmas Holidays.

My Dad is still fond of telling this story to his grand kids, or at least to those who would patiently listen.

My parents kept on with the routine of taking me to the top of the CCP until those who ran the complex wised-up and started to politely refuse the general public access to the ramps.

That’s why ever since I can remember CCP, had a mystical hold on me-- even though the shows regularly held there were not interesting to me. Because, frankly, they are beyond my budget for entertainment. To me they were expensive and uninteresting…

…Except for the coming show on March 28.

Yesterday Ayheen told me that she was informed by Sabine’s Ballet teacher that she is going to join their Corps’ recital at the CCP on March 28.

This Date happens to be Sage’s Birthday too.

Sabine has been taking Ballet Lessons for only 2 months now that’s why we didn’t expect her to be a part of any show.

So this means just like my Dad, who will be watching the Ballet Recital with us, Sabine will take me to the top of the Cultural Center too, along with her sisters, brother and those who are closest to our Hearts.

I’m sure the landscape that I will view from the top has changed after all these years

BUT not the kind of love that has brought me back there.

I can’t wait to see Sadie and Tristan’s faces when we go up that ramp…

Bravo, Sabine!

Happy Birthday, Ate Sage!!!


Koryn said...

oh wow,TK, that's great! i can feel father-pride all around! ;)

grabe, ibang level na si sabine. next thing you know, she'll be touring around the world performing in international ballet recitals!

tin-tin said...

wow naman!

happy birthday to sage :)

bing said...

this is truly a very nice family bonding, tk. you are so blessed with wonderful children.

advance happy bday to sage!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan