Monday, March 15, 2010

The North Face

Dear Kids,
There's this one, beautiful, unforgettable face that I always see in my dreams for a long time now. They call it the North Face of Mt. Eiger. I've been having dreams of being into wall climbing. It is probably my way of trying to sublimate the unrequited love I have for the North Face of Eiger.
Yesterday was my 42nd Birthday on this Earth, I was lucky enough to have a woman who indulges me my every whim. I asked her if I could go wall climbing and like a sexy genie in a bottle, she granted my wish. Off we went to Market! Market at the Fort.

It was around 11:30 AM. While everyone in the world was watching Manny Pacquiao pummel a low calibered fighter named Clottey, I was living a very small part of my dream.

The dudes manning the Sandugo.Ph wall climbing facility at fifth floor of Market! Market! told us that we only have to pay P50 per climb. It was a come on for the undecided to make them shift from being an onlooker to a wannabee adventurer. What they fail (or deliberately failed) to tell us was we have to pay an additional 200 pesos for the dudes outside who will stay on the ground as we climb up. They will pull on the harness attached to us to break our fall or pull us down when we have completed the climb. I had to grudgingly shell out precious moolah.

After putting on the harness I began my self-propelled ascent to the top of the world… I mean… wall.


Manila Girl said...

Aww, it always makes me kilig when husbands marvel at their wives. :-)

Your posts remind me of "How I Met Your Mother." :-) Great blog!

Koryn said...

oooh...wall climbing! i tried it once and had a hard time. i was almost at the top when my instructor saw that i was about to give and shouted, "ang wall climbing, parang relationship lang 'yan! kailangang pagtiyagaan!"

on that note, i screamed, "i'm not ready for a relationship!" and let go.


how about you? did you finish the wall? ;)

TK said...


beatburn said...

happy birthday!

congratulations for fulfilling your dream.

TK said...

Thanks Prof. Sa susunod utang tayo kay Atticus pang plane tickets para maakyat natin ang Eiger (North Face route. during the dead of winter para may extra challenge)

Sonia said...

now that's something... :-) The wall-climbing thing is something of a high.. I mean, i'm afraid of heights but when i did wall climbing, with the safety of the harness...i felt unstoppable!

TK said...

Bungee jumping should be next, Sonia.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan