Sunday, April 18, 2010

So many girls, so little time... WAAAAAHHH!!!

Tristan: Dad, you know your boobs are bigger than the first grader chick who was hitting on me yesterday?

Me: Dude, unless you can take me on the ring with the gloves off, I suggest you lay off talking about my manboobs. capisce?

Tristan: Chill old man. I'm just messin' with you.

Me: Hey, wanna check out the french chicks by the pool?

Tristan: As long as you promise me you won't tell Mom, The Sisters, The Ninang and the Lola.

Me: Scout's honor, dude.

Tristan: Swweeettt...


atticus said...

tristan, you will NOT be checking out french chicks when you grow up. magseselos ako. capisce?

TK said...

Tristan, Dude, what the hell are you waiting for... TAKBO!!!!

atticus said...

tristan, you know i'll let you date any chick from any race, right?

when you're 30 my dear.

finish med school and specialize first, okay?

atticus said...

at talaga namang sinasanay mo sa beauty queens ang inaanak ko? anak ng!

tristan, baby, pag hindi mountain climber, backpacker at adventurer, at walang 180 ang IQ, hindi mo puwedeng i-date. okay?

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan