Wednesday, May 19, 2010


“There once was a town full of people who grew hysterical because they saw mysterious lights in the sky that they taught were Flying saucers passing overhead. Everybody became paranoid. Everybody suspected everyone as being aliens disguised as humans. Their fear grew when the town was suddenly plunged into total darkness. All houses had power failure, except for a few. Those who lived in them were suspected as part of the alien invasion. Since they could not explain the glitch why their houses had lights and the others didn’t, they were killed by the townspeople. The family who lived in the next house that got back its light were killed by the townspeople too. One by one, as the houses regained power, the people who lived in it got mobbed to death. This went on until all houses lit up, recovering from the brown out.

By then, everyone was dead.

There were no aliens that died that day. And they didn’t even have human collaborators in that town.

The alien invaders were safely orbiting the earth in their spaceship. The mysterious lights the people saw were small, minor lasers targeting the computers of the power plant of the town. The resulting computer glitch was only equally small and resulted in temporary random minor brown outs. But this small computer glitch served its purpose for the aliens: they didn’t have to kill any humans themselves. The stupid humans, with their innate paranoia, ignorance of technology, and murderous distrust of each other are perfectly capable of doing that job themselves.”

I heard this story a long time ago. It’s something I call “Kwentong Barbero.” But in the light of what is happening today I find the story very relevant. I just heard over the radio that Losers in the just concluded elections, the ones I call League Of Losers (LOL), have banded together to question the PCOS machines. They presented a witness. With his disguise he looks like he descended from the Makapilis whose noble lineage can be traced all the way back to the alien invasion of the Philippines by the Japanese during World War II.

They seemed to be determined to move heaven and earth to prove that the election results were faulty, especially in their districts where they lost. They would rather see the national elections nullified or atleast see the country dragged back to the dark ages with interminable manual recounting of the ballots. Like in the story, we stupid humans are perfectly capable of shooting ourselves in the foot while standing on each other’s heads.

What these League Of Losers (LOL) have not realized is that their predictable defiance in accepting defeat has always been part and parcel of the master plan of Invading Aliens who are safely orbiting the earth in the space ship called Malacanang.

She didn’t have to rig the elections in favor of their candidate.

She didn’t have to plot failure of elections.

She didn’t have to lift a finger.

It will be given to her while she Laughs Out Loud (LOL)

All she has to do is sit this one out

and wait…

and wait…

And wait…


atticus said...

bwahahaha! sana mabasa nila ito.

hindi kaya sila naririmarim sa ginagawa nila?

TK said...

buti nalang hindi pinapansin ng media si koala ang pakawala ng Power Failure Rangers.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan