Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6, 1989... Requiescat In Pace

History calls June 6 "D-Day."

To my wife, Ayheen, and my Mother-in-law, Letty Decena, D-Day 1989 was the day they lost a sister and a daughter, respectively.

My deceased Father-in-law, Lony Decena, was a Filipino Ex-pat, an OFW working in the US. He passed away 21 years ago. He had to leave the comfort of TK, his family and friends to seek fortune in a foreign land to be able to support his youngest daughter's medical treatment. He was a good man. Exactly 40 days after his passing, on D-Day 1989, Ayheen's only sister, Adeline ("Adhey" to her friends) succumbed to Diabetes Type 1. Those were the saddest days of my wife's life.

I wasn't there. I was not yet a part of their life.

To the good hearted people of TagKawayan, thank you for helping Ayheen and Mommy survive, move on, and triumph over this darkest of days.

Malaki utang na loob ko sa inyo.


atticus said...

awww. touching.

TK said...

May pic sya sa umayos ka don hwag ka mag comment don ha. dito ka na lang mag salita ng mga disparaging comments mo tungkol sakin.

atticus said...

tk, hahahaha! salbahe ka.

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