Monday, July 05, 2010

The Last AirBender

  Waiting for the 10PM screening of AirBender at MOA.
Dinner at Yellow Cab MOA before the 10PM movie.
The Coolest AirBender

Dear Kids, you finally got to watch the last AirBender on the bigscreen  last saturday 24 July, at MOA.

The very next day you guys watched ECLIPSE at home. You guys think that Wolvy guy was cool. Even though I explained to you that he has a terrible temper just like me, you insist that the similarity between him and moi ends there (He does have 6 pack abs, that steroid mutant)


atticus said...

talaga naman. kung anu-ano ang ginagawa mo sa inaanak ko. grrrr.

Lourdes Valerie said...

tk, sige ka paglaki ni tristan at natutunan nya ang photoshop humanda ka haha :)

TK said...

JJ, Next week, sa hooter's ko naman dadalhin with Airbender Tatoo para pagkaguluhan sya ng mga chicks don.

Dhes, pwede ba akong mag pa photoshop ng 6pack abs?. lintek naman kasi e wala pang lumalabas na muscle sakin sa tyan e kwarenta na ko.

Sonia said...

This is sweet. Shoot, and I especially loved that quote. "we'll always have Paris" was a good line too. Casablanca is one of my favorite movies, doc. Such a classic.

Sonia said...

haha, i meant that comment for the Bastille day post doc. and this is a good airbender tat pic of Tristan! Big fan! :-D

TK said...

You Love Casablanca? daym. you really are one classy chick.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan