Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Miriam Clinic

Dear Sage, I was asked by Tita Ludette to fetch the three of you (Kaye and Janine) at Miriam. I was excited to see you because I downloaded the last episode of Glee into your MP4 player and a few songs we both like.

But after paging you about 5 times at the designated area where you usually get fetched by tita Ludette, I got worried. Then Janine came over to tell me that you were in the Clinic. After giving my ID to the guard I was let into your school grounds. I saw you resting in the clinic bed.

You told me that you were complaining of abdominal pain and headache with nausea. When I touched your skin it was cold and clammy. The school nurse came over and introduced herself. She said we knew each other before when she rotated at the same hospital I was training in.

You were obviously stable enough to be brought home so I told Monette, the Nurse, to inform the School Physician that you will be coming with me.

In retrospect, what caused your Acute episode of gastroenteritis was probably the meal you ate the previous night. But once we were home your apetite has improved.

You watched history channel while lying in bed. The channel was featuring a story on the shroud of turin and gave high tech imagery of what the face of the man on the shroud really looked like if it were shown in an episode of HOUSE, MD. That particular story assumed without the benefit of doubt that the Face on the cloth belonged to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Problem is, a couple of nights before that, I already watched a more convincing episode about the same shroud. The story explained how the image was printed on the shroud without the need for divine intervention. Hence if we compare the two conflicting stories (the first assumes that the shroud was the real burial cloth of Jesus; the second, it was a magnificent work of science,) if we use Occam's razor, the episode that says it was made by a genius like Leonardo da Vinci wins hands down.

But that afternoon, I turned off the TV and prayed to the image I have of the Lord which was not necessarily the same as the one in the shroud. I asked him to heal you completely.

And he did-- with or without the Shroud of Turin.


tin-tin said...

at nabitin ako sa kwento. hahaha

atticus said...

tapos? ano ang nangyari kay sage? tapos? tapos?

beatburn said...

tuloy mo na, dumadami nabibitin.

Sonia said...

How is Sage now, doc?

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan