Monday, September 11, 2006

Issa alayhi salam

Dear Sage, Today is September 11, 2006. Five years ago I know exactly where I was when NY and DC were attacked. The first person to ask me who could have done such an atrocity was your Ninang Jenn. Incidentally, my answer to her question was a certain Usama bin laden. I read in the news that the american naval destroyer, USS Cole was attacked a few months before and he was suspected of being the mastermind. But I think the real reason why I told your Ninang Jenn it was that guy who was behind the attack was because I saw his name and picture in the movie "Hannibal" (it was shown alongside the FBI's Most Wanted Criminals). Just a few days later I was having doubts on whether he was capable of doing something so horrible. I speculated it could've been domestic terrorists. America has its share of those too. David Koresh, Ted Kaczynski (he is the HARVARD educated "Unabomber"), Randy Weaver, Timothy McVeigh and a host of para military/militias that are so enamoured by the second amendment, some of them probably sleep with their American Made Remington Rifles and actually fear "world dominance" of the UN.

Anyway, it was very convenient for W. Bush to pin the blame on "Islamists" because the current bedrock of his party are religious conservatives who think that ALL moslems are the devil's agents.

Some friends of mine told me that according to the movie "farenheit911" the attack was the best thing that ever happened to the bush administration. It solidified his hold on the religious conservatives and gave him an excuse to unleash his hi-tech military hardware against a third world country barely out of stone age (IRAQ).

Maybe someday they will question the prevailing conventional wisdom that it was a foreign terrorist group that attacked NYandDC and not a domestic one. I just want you guys to remember that the September 11 attack was not carried out by "Moslems." Just like the Holocaust was not executed by "Christians." Or the recent massacre of lebanese children was initiated by "Jews."

To call those terrorists Moslems, Christians, or Jews, implies that they follow the dictates of their religion. Islam, Christianity, Judaism FORBID atrocities like september 11, the holocaust, bombing of lebanese children. The terrorists who carried out those things are like the terrorists who invaded palestine in the convoluted belief that they are doing God a favor by engaging in such a "crusade," or like those who carried out bloodshed in the sikh golden mosque.

They were carried out by ignorant Men waving the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Torah.

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bing said...

idiosyncrasies separate these terrorists from the real practitioners of faith. that is why we can see that their acts dwell on atrocities.

farenheit 9/11 is an eye-opener. it gave a stir to Bush's complacency.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan