Monday, October 30, 2006

Baptism and Birthday

Dear Sadie, Welcome to the Christian World! You were baptized last sunday, 29th of October. You are a new creature now in the eyes of the Lord. That's why your baptism is also a birthday. The ceremony was held at the People's Church (EDSA Shrine) That's your Ninong Hadji and you just before the baptism.

Shown holding the candle representing your Male Godparents is your Ninong Jayson "Dr.J", and for the Ladies, your Ninang Chi-chi.

Ninang Chi-chi and Ninang Anna (women of substance and beauty) like you and Mommy.

After the baptism we went to Max Tiendesitas to Celebrate both your baptism and Ate Sabine's Birthday. That's Ate Sabine. Helping out with the cake blowing duties are Ate Kitkat and Ate Sage (partially covered)

TO ALL THE GODPARENTS AND GUESTS WHO MADE THIS DAY MORE SPECIAL SIMPLY BY BEING THERE... Jayson and Anna who came despite of such a short notice (They were notified just a day prior to the event). These two faced a supertyphoon and had to take public transportation just to be there with us at the People's Church, Sadie. Noel and Jenn who lent so much of their precious time to help prepare for this BIG DAY. Deeai who didn't sleep all night so that she could finish the Audio-Video Presentation shown during the party (and braved the wrath of her pretty boss because she was too busy to work at home). Hadji who took so many beautiful pictures during the baptism. Robie who didn't flinch when I brazenly stole the parking space his security guards reserved for his car in front of Max's Restaurant. (mwahahahahahahaha!)


tin-tin said...

happy birthday!! or as they say in the cards.. Welcome to the Christian World :)

snglguy said...

So how come you're not in the pictures, pre? :-D

TK said...

Tin- Sabine's Birthday, Sadie's Baptism. Thanks Tin!
Sngl- picture of moi, in a church? isn't that sacrilege, pre?

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan