Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cuban Missile Crisis

Dear Sage, over 4 decades ago this October, the World came close to witnessing a nuclear exchange between the now defunct Soviet union and USA. I don't know what makes a man Hate his own kind so much that he would even contemplate nuclear annihilation as an option to resolve any conflict. Maybe it's because we tend to demonize our enemies or the object of our hatred.

I had a classmate once who hated my guts. We were in gradeschool. When we fight I don't back down because I believe I was always on the side of Truth, Justice and the American Way (I told you, too much CARTOONS is bad for you) In my mind I always imagine him as an ENEMY of the "Superfriends" Somebody who hates Superman and Loves Lex Luthor.

I was surprised when I saw him play with Superfriends action figures. It was very hard for me to comprehend that he also hates Lex Luthor. I was more surprised when he told me once that he likens me to Lex Luthor and he thinks of himself as Superman.

We both thought we were on the side of GOOD and the other is on the side of EVIL.

Years later I found out this is one way of demonizing our enemies. We think of them in the worst possible light, hence whatever actions we take against them (be it a punch in the face, an icepick puncture between their ribcage, a hale of bullets, or Nuclear fire) will be justifiable from our warped point of view.

Whenever you feel like demonizing whoever is the object of your dislike, always remember that deep inside he or she also wants to be counted as one of the good guys. One of the Superfriends.

And the similarities between us and our perceived enemies do not stop there...

"WE all inhabit this small planet,
We all breathe the same air,
We all cherish our children's future,
And We are ALL mortal."--

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