Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Blogger/Lovers. This is a new phenomenon. People meet online, schedule an eyeball, and fall in love. and then write about it in their blogs. No. I'm not one of them. I have yet to meet Katie Holmes online. Ayheen always rolls her eyes in exasperation everytime I say the line " Nak ng tinapa, papatol din pala sya sa matanda e di sakin nalang sana" to this she retorts "sabagay, bansot din naman si Tom, di ba?"


BTW, I'll write about how we should value our privacy, later on, Sage. And how blogging as a whole threatens our civil liberties.

But right now, I'll pretend I'm a romantic. And I'll wish them well. They know who they are.


tin-tin said...

blovers? that's a new term. hehehe. you likekatie? i don't like her na. hehehe. bansot ka po? hehehe. joke lang :)

TK said...

Yes Tin!

1. I like her.

2. Bansot ako. Relatively speaking.

On second thought

1. I think it's the character she played in that TV series that charmed me.

2...Bansot talaga ako

tin said...

Katie holmes looks hot on the magazine.Hehehe.

TK said...

Methinks so too!

niceheart said...

I also love Katie Holmes. Her beauty is classic.

You're referring to Dawson's Creek, right? I loved it that she ended up with Pacey. :) I developed a crush on him. :)

TK said...

It's her facial bone structure, Niceheart. And eyes.

I hope she ended up with me, though (Ok, I'm kidding)

Unlike you, I have yet to develop a crush on Pacey

atticus said...

happy father's day.

that picture you she your favorite daughter?

hala ka....halata me peborit ka.

thanks for dropping by my blog.

TK said...

I love all three, Madame. Thanks for reminding me that I have to update the avatar/picture, Atticus.

TK said...

by the way, Atticus, you may want to drop by Scout Finch's blog.

atticus said...

scout finch has a blog? hehe. i use atticus because he reminds me of my dad, who died when i was six.

atticus said...

the avatar i use is my youngest nephew when he was just a couple of months old. he's three now and i talk to him on the phone all the time.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan