Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oratio Imperata Ad Petendam Pluviam

"Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka't h'wag nang tumigil pa
Hatid mo ma'y bagyo,
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka
-- Eraserheads

Dear Sage, the title is the fancy latin phrase imploring the Lord of Creation for rain to stave off the impending water crisis here in the Philippines. A few days ago the situation was becoming desperate; the water levels in the dams were reaching critical thresholds and there was talk of power outtages of biblical proportions (feel free to replace the word "biblical" with "Cory Era") A Filipino Cardinal asked the citizens of the "empire" to pray for rain.

That was last August 3.

Today it's been raining buckets since last night. We were on our way to school when your Mom called me up to tell me that I forgot to bring a paper she wanted faxed ASAP. That was the only excuse I needed to take you back home. The classes were not yet officially suspended when I turned you in (some bureaucrat finally sucked in enough balls to suspend it just now)Well, it's about time. Some streets of Manila are flooded, there's news about a concrete wall that was felled down by heavy downpour somewhere in one of the private subdivisions in the outskirts of the city,



(hey, click here if you wanna know how much she likes school. Read this similar post I wrote a year ago)

Speaking of latin, Tito Andy Wong sent me an email about the Tridentine Mass. I told him I have reservations about it (Frankly, I'd rather learn French than Latin... Because French chicks are way hotter than those in that Latin speaking city state called Vatican)

But the Lord of Natural Science argued for Tito Andy: When the nation prayed in latin for Rain, Divine Providence listened very hard.

So Tito, regarding our "discussion" about the Tridentine mass of bishop lefebvre, all I can say is...


"...Pagmasdan ang ulan,
Unti-unting tumitila

Ikaw ri'y magpapaalam na,

Maari bang minsan pa,
mahagkan ka't maiduyan pa
Sakbibi ka't ulan lamang ang saksi"

-- Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka
by Eraserheads


tin-tin said...

sana pag may bagyo pati ofc walang pasok. hehehe.

latin mass? i've attended once.. wedding ng friend ko. ayoko! kse parang ang layo ng pari. i mean nasa harap lang siya, but i don't feel God talking to me

TK said...

those are my sentiments too, Kring. This was my original response to Tito Andy's email:

"I have reservations Tito. Personally, I think Vatican II was right in bringing the mass to the masses. I don't think it (latin mass) will bring me closer to God much better than the priest who speaks from the gut using the vernacular."

Rey said...

Man, Italian women are hot! You should see those booties cheering at the stands during a football game.

TK said...

I bet those in the stands are really hot. I can just imagine how they celebrate each GOOOOOOAAAAAL!

but somehow I don't think those serious women inside the vatican will qualify as Italian chicks

bingskee said...

sad how some parts of the country will do the sacrifice for almost everybody who will be affected by the drought. tsk tsk look at all the flooded areas and it sounds like funny when the NDCC people wished that 'mahagingan sana ng ulan ang bahaging may dry spell'. seems that the heavy rains wouldnt pose a problem.

sage will someday laugh at how she kicked and screamed and cried dahil walang pasok. katuwa naman.

TK said...

She likes school so much. Click on the link below to see how much.

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan