Saturday, January 26, 2008

disney on ice

Dear Kids, We watched Disney On Ice at the Luneta Colosseum on January 25, 2008 or on the eve of Sadie's 2nd Birthday...

There were 7 of us including your Dad. Tatlong anakis, Dalawang Byenans, Isang Asawa.
(Koryn! Natiis mo kaming hindi bigyan ng free tickets?)

The picture below was part of that show (101 dalmatians on ice skates)

After the show we had Merienda at Taco Bell. That's you and me, Sabine. The one waiting at the counter in front of us was the Grand Daddy of Rock in these Islands, Jose "Pepe" Smith. I wanted to introduce you to him... but I changed my mind.

I accidentally included this video. Sage is singing her composition "Daddy has a big tummy."

Below you can hear Sabine's rendition of the Cuppycake song to Sadie. I think it was recorded a few days before Sadie's birthday. Note the chick standing on the right side of the screen. Same one I also see in the sack every night. hehe! (eat your heart out, Trixie baby.)

This the most expensive popcorn ever. it's worth 100 bucks as warned by Koryn.

Ate Sage and Ate Sabine were singing Happy Birthday to Sadie

On Sadie's Birthday (January 26) We went to Philcite to fly a kite. when we got there, our plans were rudely interrupted by the filming of a made for tv movie of these two local personalities.

We were only able to fly the kite together just before sunset.

Then we had an early evening picnic near the Coconut Palace. Sadie's shown below contemplating the demise of the once full bottle of coke ala Hamlet holding the remains of his old friend (Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.)
We enjoyed the sites

and the popsicles

Before we finally left ...


atticus said...

aren't you a lucky guy? lagi kang napapalibutan ng magagandang babae.

at hindi mo kailangan si trixie.

atticus said...

ano iyong kinakanta ni sage?

TK said...

"daddy has a big tummy, daddy has a bigbigbig tummy..."

it's her composition.

Birthday ni Sadie Ann today. Her 2nd. nasa house kami.

atticus said...

heeey. happy birthday sadie, the cutest baby on earth according to her ate sage and sabine.

great age. two years old. haha! ang kulit na age.

tin-tin said...

may future mg anak mo maging singer ha. cute!

nanood kyo ng disney on ice? nung bata akoevery year kme nanonood sa araneta. hehe ;p

Rudy said...

Di man lang kayo kinuhang maging extras doon sa shooting? Tsk!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Sadie Ann... :-D

bingskee said...

this is such a sweet post. feel na feel ko ang closeness ng kids sa daddy. reminds me of my father.

thank you for sharing, TK.

and, oh, btw, kay and sadie are both aquarians pala.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan