Monday, January 21, 2008

Syelebrating Edsa Dos (hic!)

Dear Sage, January 18, 2001 was the second wedding anniversary of your Mom and Dad. We went to EDSA that day because we wanted to show our support to the civilians praying for a peaceful change. The heavens answered our prayers...

Oh Boy! We got more than what we bargained for, eh? (mental note: be careful of what you wish for...)

Anyway, not the least of my grievances against the Powers-that-be back then was their blatant attempt at sabotaging the media, notably, the crippling boycott of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Only recently have I learned that Erap was not to blame for that Third Reichish tactic. In an interview with PDI, he said that he only casually broached the idea to Armida Siguion Reyna. She and her ilk in the Showbiz started the boycott. It was a feeble attempt at suppressing Free Speech

So why did we go to EDSA that day?. ..Erap, blame Armida.

But even though neither political parties (opposition and incumbent) would like to remember those 4 days in 2001, I myself would like to celebrate it. For one, Sage, your Mom and I had a great date; we got to meet other long lost friends and mentors there; we got to dance in the street too (ofcourse she had to be contented with me and my two left feet)

I remember asking the heavens a favor: Please let Tito Willy support the people in the EDSA rally. The following day, the heavens did answer my prayer. He went on the stage, in uniform, wearing only aviator glasses but no sidearms, together with his other comrades.

We are Proud of You Tito Willy. Everytime I think of Cincinnatus, It's your picture that I see (maybe not in a toga. But you get the picture, right?)

Wherever you are, Fair Winds, Sir!

So, were we naive? Were we like a pair of drunken kids who did not know what we were doing? did we make the wrong choice 7 years ago? the answer is "HELL NO!"

Edsa Dos brought out the worst in some people. But it also brought out the best in Most of Us.

NOTE: those two kids in the picture are Uri and Andrei (your Comia Cousins) No Liver cell was damaged in the shooting of that photo. The drinking session was simulated-- But not the cuteness of those two, kid actors.


Penny Lane said...

mga gwaping!

categorically imperative said...

Start 'em young. Hic!

atticus said...

ang popodgi! at parang totoong nilasing na hipon sila. galing umarte. kyot!

Penny Lane said...

uy! aliw yang site na 'yan (magmypic) i'm looking pa for my perfect sports illustrated shot hahaha.

bingskee said...

'sang tagay para sa EDSA DOS! hic!

TK said...

Bing> Salut! (raises rootBEER-filled mug)

Koryn> isama mo si Atticus at Dhes para pang Fortune 500 magazine cover.

Atticus> mga pamangkin ko sa side ni Ayheen at mga Byenan.

Cat> naaah... magaling lang yung potograper/director

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan