Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Tristan

These are some of my wishes for you and your sisters:

May you be surrounded by overwhelming love all your life...
May you have every gift, especially length of years...

Tristan, May you see the breathtaking beauty in every woman's eyes.
and may you find the one who will keep you in her heart... as you
keep her safe in your arms, never let yourself hurt her.


atticus said...

awwwww. ang sweet ng mga ate!

ang pogi ni tristan. ang pogi! hahaha! congrats sa inyong lahat.

merry christmas sa iyo at sa pamilya doc.

atticus said...

tk, ano iyong nasa right hand ni tristan?

tin-tin said...

congrats!! cute ni tristan. sana sinabi mo saken sa ortigas lang pala, nabisita ko sana kayo :)

merry Christmas :)

Penny Lane said...

awwww...the first picture is so sweet!

santa gave you the best gift this christmas. you must've been on top of his list ;)

next to me. hahahaha.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, yin, the girls, and the newborn prince :)

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan