Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Dear Kids, an over-glorified, failed economist once said that "the history of the world is the history of class struggle."

That's bull.

The history of the world is the history of PERSONAL struggles: Bush vs. Saddam, Aquino vs. Marcos, etc. These personal conflicts tend to involve the people around the main protagonists. When they spiral out of control, there will be murders (which go by another name: WAR). If you really think about it, all wars had petty beginnings. Heck, the Trojan war could have been averted had Agammemnon laid off drinking too much so that he could become a great lay to Helen instead.

All wars start with HATE. Brothers and sisters are not immune to this.

After we flew our kites last December 27, Your Lola Letty received a text message from her relatives informing her that her Older Sister (Your Lola Rita) passed away. Since your Mom is still recuperating from her stay at the Hospital, I decided to make the trip to Hondagua with her for the wake. Sabine and Sage came along.

Your Lola Rita got involved in a personal dispute with her other Sister (not your Lola Letty.) They didn't talk for a long time. This was only broken when her sister visited her when she was practically in her deathbed a few months before she died. They talked as if nothing bitter happened between them. Hatred, Anger, Pettiness were forgotten.

During the wake, we stayed only for one night and I insisted on going back the following day since your Mom and Tristan still need us back home. The following morning, before leaving, I found out that Lola Rita's Brother-in-law was coming to accompany his wife (the sister Your Lola Rita just made up with a few months back). I was worried that years of pent up emotions might explode violently between blood relatives (hey, afterall, the Palestinian Intefadah is in the news again. Isn't it just a dispute between Palestinian and Israeli Brothers?). I had to stay to help stop the bloodshed.

I was there when the sons of your Lola Rita embraced their estranged Uncle. I saw former enemies, grown men, shedding tears, asking each other for forgiveness. The scene was too much for me-- The concept of "Forgiveness" is also foreign to me. I excused myself and went to the dining table where your Lola and Ninang Di were watching the scene from a distance. To disguise the redness in my eyes I deliberately chewed on a flaming red siling labuyo. Then I eyed those two on the dining table as they watched the intimate scene. It dawned on me that Your Lola and Ninang have been teaching me, since last Christmas eve, that forgiveness is always possible. As if both of them are telling me that I should learn to forgive that one person who has been responsible for my all consuming rage this year.


tin-tin said...

it's true that forgiveness can happen :)

TK said...

yes, PrettyOne. it can happen, it must happen. somewhere in John's letters it says that "he who hates his brother is a murderer."

atticus said...

happy new year, doc.

may we both embrace 2009 and all the new lessons it brings.

TK said...

Thank You Ma'am JJ! Let's embrace it with "Arms wide open"

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan