Saturday, January 24, 2009

Song for Dana (Ex-White House Press Sexytary)

Yesterday, Sage sashayed on Miriam's catwalk. But I wasn't able to attend her 80's Fashion show. everybody was there except for me and Tristan. I came by to pick them up around 4pm but unfortunately, it rained very hard. That's why I got stuck in Katipunan traffic. While listening to the radio, Theory of a deadman kept me company. For some reason, their song, Bad Girlfriend, Reminded me of that hottie of a white house press secretary of the bush era:

Dana Perino.

Dana Perino, as a press secretary, was a beautiful liar. She made whitehouse press conferences tolerable to watch. She's witty and charming. The only time so much brain power was used to fix the mess a subordinate had to clean due to a F***ed up boss was during the time of Über statesman Henry Kissinger when he had to cover up for that Nixon guy.

Henry Kissinger... hmm... I say Dana is in good company. Unfortunately, working for the worst US president ever damaged her image. Couldn't help but think of her as a high class hooker. atleast, for me, she looks as hot as the pole dancer in Deadman's MTV below.


beatburn said...


she's really something. i don't care what she says; which i can't do when i look at condo rice.


now for google images of dana...

atticus said...

ay o. ang mga boys. akala ko policy ang usapan nila. hahaha!

tin-tin said...

sorry na.. di ako updated sa current events. di ko siya kilala. hehe

TK said...

Prof> Condi is a hardcore neocon. because of her obnoxious beliefs I sometimes forget that she is black and smart. Hell! I sometimes forget she's a woman.

JJ> shagging with the enemy has always been america's foreign policy. that's why we all dream of shagging dana.

PrettyOne> Trust us, mas maganda ka sa kanya.

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