Thursday, November 17, 2005

Before Harry Potter

Dear Sage, when I was a little boy, just a little older than you are right now, the first Full-length animated fantasy film I saw was the "FLIGHT OF DRAGONS"

The animation was mediocre compared to what PIXAR can do today with digital technology. But the story line was unforgettable. Somehow it touched a nerve. It was the first time I saw a story that glorified Rational Thought over Fantasy and Magic. And yet in the end, it showed how much we need Faith in our Hearts, and Magic in our lives. I'm not going to do it any justice here if I reveal more. I want you to see it personally someday, either with me and your MOM or with your own Barkada.

BTW, I remember writing a Poem about it that same night I watched the film. I called it "The Lost Ages." Pls. forgive your old man for reminiscing about his stint as a bard wannabee.

I dream of castles, giants, and elves
mysterious sorceress, brave knight errants,
and dangerous quests,

I live in the dream where chivalry was at its fullest
and the romance of war
in the hearts of the noblest

when a shining armour was a dangerous omen
to fire-breathing dragons that devour fair young Maidens,

When oracles reached the zenith of its powers,
while science is unheard,
logic disclaimed
Locked in the highest Ivory tower,

Once life was an adventure
and Death a companion

Dawn of the sunlight
beyond the horizon

this is the age shrouded in mystery, clothed in white...
lost in antiquity.

In my life, I've chosen the path of science, Sage. But always remember, You and Mom and Sabine and the new Baby in Mom's tummy are God's gift of Magic to me.


CL said...

When I was a young senorita, there was no TV at home. My siblings and I didn’t have all the fancies of technology as seen today. Living in a very under developed country at the time, I remembered, all I had was a ragged little brown Teddy Bear and little kitchen toys that I made. I was content as a little girl playing with the neighborhood Vietnamese and Laotian kids and at school (International School of Vientianne, Laos) where I studied during my elementary years, I was exposed to diverse kids from around the world. It was home and school and because it was a half day school, I had the opportunity to work for an hour at the candy factory just a few blocks away from home. It was mostly kids working in the factory wrapping candies. I got paid by the bucket full that I wrapped and in the same token, eat all you can candies. I wasn’t interested with what I monetarily made but the joy of eating different candies and an opportunity to bring some home. My working career at the age of 8 ended when dad got us kids’ couple of kitty tigers. It was cuddly and cute but as they grow, they became aggressive and we got scratched a lot, so dad decided to bring it back where he got it. As a kid, our interest shifted from one passion after another (whatever was available to amuse ourselves).

I have learned to be content with the things that I have and the things I could not have. It’s been that way all my life.

And today, I am able to enjoy the luxuries I missed as a kid. At 44, I am still a kid and I love it. Harry Potter series is a part of our DVD collections. So Sage, this is a brief story of my first quarter in life.

What a beautiful poem T.K.

TK said...

Hey thanks CL! I decided to drop the first part of my "call sign" (I'm hopelessly a part of the CB generation.) Its additional baggage. I had to behave myself because it might reflect on everyone in THAT group. I guess this means I'm free!

Ronald Allan said...

I remember that film. Loved it to death. Too bad I can't seem to find a copy of it nowadays. It was good stuff, magic vs. science.

If you think about it, it may have even be a precursor to all these religion vs. science debates we've been having. :-)

It was a cool cartoon. :-)

TK said...

dear Sage,

you may curtsy now Anaki. you are in the presence of greatness. Welcome OB1!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan