Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Toy Library

Dear Sage, Your Mom and I noticed that even at a very young age, you treat the mall as some kind of a "Toy Library." When we go to one, you make us take you to a toy section then you choose several toys to play with without breaking or putting a dent on any of them. After a few minutes of playing you put them back one by one to where you got them. Most of the time you don't ask us to buy the stuff for you. You just wave goodbye at the toy then go to the next aisle to play with another toy. You know that the toys won't go away. Next time you visit they'll still be there- just like a book in the library, or the Princess magazine in the magazine section of National Bookstore. Ofcourse you sometimes ask us to buy you very, very expensive toys. But Do you know that you've broken the heart of a lot of sales clerks? One time after trying out a toy by riding it around a mall booth several times, a sales clerk was so delighted when he saw you eagerly asking me to buy you a life size replica of an All Terrain Vehicle. (A lot bigger than the one pictured here). When I told you that the price was way beyond our petty cash you just told me that next time we'll have to put it in the budget. Then you waved goodbye at the clerk and his ATV. Poor guy.

Anyway, I also sometimes ask you for a toy. I told you that when you grow up, I want you to buy me a vineyard in Bordeaux, a Harley Davidson, and don't forget that F-16 Falcon I've been asking you since last year. your response to my requests is always a sweet smile and the words "Dad, let's put it in the budget, ok?"


Ronald Allan said...

I like that term: "Toy Library." I'm a grown man but I often go to Toy Kingdom just to while away the time and dream about the toys that I either couldn't afford...or shouldn't buy.


Next time if it's in the budget...maybe. :-)

TK said...

Hehe, sometimes I pretend I try the RC cars and robots for Sage pero I end up playing with them.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan