Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Legend of the Republic of LasPinas

Dear Sabine, I realized I have yet to write you a letter in this blog. So this is the first of many, Anaki. Anyway, I was just browsing the websites / blogs of other parents and saw that they write beautiful poetry when inspired by their children (Case in point: CL.) I don't write poetry anymore because, well, I no longer have the blues. But I remember writing a short story about Christmas. It was written a month after you were born in 2003.
My friends in this picture are wearing RED because we wanted to be identified as a group when we celebrated Christmas 2003 at PhilHealth. It was my 1st Christmas with them and, more importantly, with you. It got me to thinking why Red is the color of Christmas. I really don't know why so I invented a reason. The result: The Legend of the LasPinas Republic.

One Christmas Eve, during the Revolution, a spanish officer was ordered to lead his squad in killing ALL Filipino patriots in Las Pinyas. But before doing so, he decided to visit his pregnant wife who was about to give birth. When he opened the door to his house, he was shocked to see KATIPUNEROS, dressed in RED, waiting inside for an ambush. Knowing that his fate was sealed, he begged for the lives of his family to be spared. Ignacio, the Supremo's cousin, spoke "They're safe. But our orders are to execute ALL Spanish soldiers in this house." Just then, a voice from the master's bedroom barked at the men to stand fast, "STOP!" It was Tandang Sora. The sagely woman patiently reasoned with them. "Within this room, this Christmas Eve, we are beyond the orders of any power who wants us to kill each other." She then went back inside to midwife the birth of a spanish child. Just a few moments later a cry was heard. Tandang Sora re-entered the room holding her enemy's child in her arms. Everyone who saw the newborn child, saw the faces of their own children in him. "I'M NOW A FATHER!" cried the Spaniard. That night there was endless merriment within the four corners of that small room in Las Pinyas. At midnight, one drunken soldier stood up and declared "Tonight, we are not pawns who blindly follow orders. Tonight, we are our own REPUBLIC. We are now citizens of the REPUBLIC OF LASPINAS." Upon hearing this speech, Filipinos and Spaniards toasted each other like old friends. They were citizens of their own republic that lasted until they parted ways at the first RED glow of Christmas dawn. Later, they did carry out their orders to KILL EACH OTHER in the battle of Bitukang Manok. But legend has it that every Christmas Eve, these men gather again; singing, dancing and drinking with the angels somewhere in the heavens where the glow is REDDEST. And they call their corner of the sky--THE REPUBLIC OF LASPINAS

When you grow up enough to read this entry, Sabine, you will realize that this legend is based on what actually transpired in the trenches of world war I. I wish you'd find both stories to be equally inspiring even though only one of them is true.


cl said...

When I was much younger, I loved the seductive red for an outfit and I still do on occasions. For the most part, I love the simplicity of darker colors and the natural black and white. For hubby’s office party, I intend on wearing something green as in elfy green or emerald jade with sparkling sequence. In our office party, I would probably wear a Santa outfit or I’ll dress myself with hanging pines cones. Last but not the least, for our family celebration, I intend on being comfy wearing my old and ragged pj’s.

Thanks for the legendary story TK. It was a refreshing information.

I miss all the bibingka, puto, halo-halo, pansit, and hmmmm what do you call that dessert that is only popular on Christmas? One with grated coconut, its white, it has some sort of small little seeds sprinkled on it? Another one also popular – it’s cooked in one of this special stove; it comes out piping hot somewhat purplish in color?

TK said...

Puto bung-bong. hehe, kung pwede ko lang sana i-FedEx 'yon as inyo e, I'd gladly do it. Pronto.

Rocks said...

hi! thanks for dropping by at my blog..cabantuan ako nag college but am originally from rizal,nueva ecija..how nice naman ng blog mo..very heart warming..i could see how good you are to your kids.:)

CL said...

Good God! yup! That’s it puto bung-bong. I remembered the other one now, it's called palitaw. OMG! This is torture first degree. I have not had these desserts in ages. Living here, there are no Filipino stores and restaurants, nor have I many pinoy friends where I can drop by for some good home cooking and my two boys dislikes Filipino dishes especially when I bring out the bagoong hahahha.

I remembered buying patis in one of the Asian stores and stored it in the fridge, when I needed it, I could not find it. Hubby apparently threw it away thinking it was a spoiled sauce. LOL

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan