Monday, December 12, 2005


Dear Sage, this is a picture of Ninong Kevin, Jayden-Kai, and Ninang Jaycee. I'm not exactly a fan of american government's foreign policy for the past uhhh... hundred years. But like this gang, I'm a Yankee fan too. Someday, when the New York Yankee Dynasty reigns again, I hope we can all watch the 7th game of the world series at the Yankee stadium-- and party on once they've snagged the title. Jayden-Kai is wearing a Chicken Little costume. the picture was taken on October 30 this year- Sabine's Birthday!


Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Looks like you're a die-hard Yankee fan... :D

Abaniko said...

And I thought she's sporting a poodle costume. :D

TK said...

sngl> GIANTS too. got hooked on the yanks since 10 yrs ago. thanks to the lady (my cousin) in the NY cap.

abaniko> but yougotta admit bro, she does out-cute chicken little. Welcome, btw.

Abaniko said...

she's a cute little girl. no question about that. very winsome.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan