Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NO WAY Virginia.

Dear Sage, At 5 years old when I ask you if Santa Claus is real, you respond by saying that santa is just like a jollibee mascot- there's somebody inside the costume pretending to be jollibee to cheer you up.

I wanted you to know as soon as possible that the Santa Claus in this world is an Idea. And it's not a bad idea but a very, very nice one. Like Jollibee. But it's up to us to cheer each other up just like the man inside the Mascot. Even though he is just a man, you've seen how he lights up Sabine's eyes when she meets him again and again as a Mascot.

I want you to realize that the real star of Christmas is Christ. He is not just an Idea like Santa. He is just like the BEEF in the Hamburger (Jollibee mascot attracts you to the fastfood center but the BEEF is the one that satisfies your hunger, right?)

IN the same way, santa attracts and introduces you to Christmas even before you realize what it really means.
God is as real as the Gifts, as real as Love, Sharing, Joy, Peace and everything that makes you smile during this Season and beyond. Christ himself made this possible for us. One Christmas I will try to explain to you how he made it possible to celebrate this season even after all the stars in the universe have burned up all their hydrogens so that nothing is left to fuel the nuclear fusionwithin their cores. How it's possible to celebrate it even when scientists of the future will need carbon dating to guess how old our remains are. .. Okay, maybe I'll start with Christ's sacrifice on the cross, then I'll tell you about the physics of imploding stars and carbon 14 isotopes later when you're in, uh, the 5th grade?


Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Starting them early eh? :D

Merry Christmas man! :D

TK said...

Yeah. This early I have to rule out a career in politics for this kid. But she's perfect for the diplomatic corps. I'm thinking UN Sec. Gen. Merry Christmas!

Ronald Allan said...

God is as real as the Gifts, as real as Love, Sharing, Joy, Peace and everything that makes you smile during this Season and beyond.

Very well said TK. I don't think you can put it any more better than that. :-)

Merry Christmas to you and your family. :-)

TK said...

tnx man!

bing said...

TK, this is a very nice post... melted my heart. i wish all fathers are like you, having the time to tell the truths in this world to their kids...

TK said...

I'm not exactly THAT nice a Dad, bing. ask Sage what happened when she broke my sax's reed... I went ballistic (with a "B")for something so petty. But I did not spank her (although I spanked her a couple of times for more serious reasons. Both times I ended up more traumatized. Ask my wife.)

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