Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Truce of 1914

Dear Sage, I wasn't feeling well yesterday so we spent the whole day together. We worked on your assignment, drew a lot (mostly horses) while Sabine practiced her circles and semi linear creations. Whenever I could, I surfed the Internet with you. We came across a news report from CNN about the death of the last survivor who witnessed the Christmas truce of 1914 in the trenches of the Western Front. His name was Alfred Anderson, a Scotsman. He died at the age of 109. I think he died just a few days before my last post (The letter to Sabine below)Now the Christmas story of 1914 has really passed on to the realm of legend.

There are so many kinds of people. I'm sure you will come across some who will test your patience and sanity. You will learn to dislike some people and hate a few of them. Hatred has always been the seed of ALL wars. Just remember that all of us share a common desire deep within the core of our fragile humanity: We all want peace.

That's the Message of all stories this yuletide season. Merry Christmas 2005!


bing said...

hi, i find your site very sweet. i seldom see sweet fathers these days. reminds me of my dear father who was always ready to talk things with me - anything under the sun.

can i link you up to my site?

i come in peace..

TK said...

thank you! you are too kind. The "sweetness" I learned from my wife. my kids are so lucky, just like their old man. I'll try to learn how to "link up" asap.

Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Hey tk,just dropped by and read a couple of your posts.Be reading some more when I come back. :D

I remember reading about that legendary Christmas truce many years ago and it reminds me of a similar incident during WWII.But I'm sure you've read about that too...Hehe

Anyways,thanks for dropping by my site. :D


Hello TK!

"...Give love on Christmas Day..." I don't know why this song is ringing in my mind while reading your entries. My peace I leave with you...

CL said...

Have a Happy Holiday Season Soup to all

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan