Friday, April 21, 2006


Dear Kids, I wish I could watch the TOM HANKS movie with you someday. I heard the adaptation was faithful to the book. I read the book last year and wasn't able to put it down (practically) until I've read through it. Just remember this...

It's just fiction.


snglguy said...

Honestly, I haven't read the book yet (I hardly read fiction). Although I know that the author based the whole conspiracy theory on the hypothesis offered in the books 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' and 'The Messiahnic Legacy', which I read more than a decade ago.

It's interesting though, how that novel will come out on film version...

TK said...

Read the spoof (sorta) of HBHG- "Foucault's Pendulum"

Some wiseguys discovered an old document and thought it contained ancient secrets that could unlock beast-like powers mentioned in Revelations.

Freemasons, priory of sion members believed and took the theory seriously. They even resorted to murder to get the document.

It turned out the document was literally a very, very old grocery list.

niceheart said...

I'm reading the book right now. I want to finish it before the movie comes out. The story is very engaging.

Ronald Allan said...

It is not claimed to be otherwise. :-) Just keep an open mind, and no doubt you will be entertained. :-)

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan