Sunday, April 09, 2006


Dear Sadie, You and all your sisters were purely breast fed for atleast 6 months. Even when your Mom is away, what you drink from your bottle is breast milk (thawed from its temporary storage from the freezer.) Wherever your Mom goes, she brings with her that ever reliable breast pump so she can pump out the milk which she stores in a plastic bottle liner inside her coleman. Tonight while she's feeding you she sang barney's song

I love you, you love me
where a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
won't you say you love me too

When your Ate Sage heard her, she joined your mom in serenading you. I followed their lead. I think you enjoyed it since you were smiling and you looked very alert. I think you were trying to figure out through the haze of your 2 month old eyes who we were. Anyway, Ate Sabine was also drinking her milk formula while we were singing (for some reason she has lost the taste for breast milk. Every time we tease her by offering mommy's milk to her she just shakes her head and smiles naughtily)

Your Ate Sabine loves to drink her milk while lying down beside your Mom. She cries "Mimi" when she wants Milk. I can't explain why, but she likes to slip her free hand into your Mom's shirt while holding her milk bottle with the other.

When your Ate Sage was Ate Sabine's age (2 Years old), I remember she was also no longer breast fed. But whenever she likes to drink she doesn't say "Mimi" but the more conventional "Didi". Then she adds the unconventional demand "HOLD IT." meaning she wants to hold your Mom's bossom while she's drinking from a milk bottle. I guess even though they no longer drink breast milk, those are their unique ways of trying to sublimate their need to cling to Mommy Ayheen's milk...


snglguy said...

It's nice that your kids are breastfed when they were babies. A lot of women, inspite of being informed about the benefits of breastfeeding, refuse to do so claiming that their breasts will sag...

TK said...

they will sag if they only breastfeed their husbands exclusively.

TK said...

they will sag if they only breastfeed their husbands exclusively.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan