Saturday, August 05, 2006

From your Ninang Jaycee...

Dear Sage, I just got this letter from your Ninang Jaycee 18 Minutes ago. It's not very good news about her Dad, My Ninong Benny. Ninong was the reason why I had to visit NY last March. Let's continue to pray for him, wish him well, and be grateful that with God's grace, he was able to hold his first Grandson in his arms. May he watch him grow up to be as strong and gentle and loving as his own children: Ochie, Jaycee, Jenn and Casel.

Greetings to all my cousins & friends,
I am sorry I haven't really had the time to update you all regarding my Dad's health. I have received all your emails & phone messages asking to see how my family & I are doing and how my Dad is doing.
As you all know, my sister Jen & Bill recently gave birth to their first born son, Sebastian Cole ( "Ian" ) on July 23, 2006..on that same day my Dad was rushed to the hospital because he was complaining of not feeling too well. My Dad up to this day, Aug 4, is still in the hospital.
During his fourth day stay at the hospital, the doctors had placed a chest tube insertion to remove the fluids from his lungs. My Dad was still able take in food & fluids. His favorite food to eat was Rice Congi & Beef Rib Tips from our neighborhood restaurant. He always goes there with my mom for dim sum.
My dad was recovering pretty well & had many family & friends visiting him. He would read the newspaper , watch TV, play cards ( solitaire ) & sometimes tries to be funny when having a conversation with him.
Earlier today, ( Aug 4 ) my dad ate a good breakfast with my mom & even smiled at the guy who was taking his X-ray while sitting if his picture was being taken by a photographer. My dad was supposed to be released today & coming home. However, the doctors & nurses detected that his oxygen level was low & they had to do an emergency intubation to help his body get the proper oxygen it needs.
My Dad is a real fighter, when he was home with us, he would exercise & go for short walks. Now that he is hospitalized, it's hard to say if he is strong enough to help fight for his life. Only God knows what the future holds, my family & I pray that God will give my dad the strenght & comfort he needs to stay alive & be with us for a little bit longer.
Please do continue to include my Dad & my family in your prayers.
I have attached a photo of my Dad taken last night, it was his first time to actually meet his first grandson Sebastian.
Once again, thank you for all your thoughts & prayers.

as always,
~ jaycee

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