Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Our village (from Darna's point of view)

"Nagaabang sa langit
sa mga ulap sumisilip
sa likod ng mga tala
kahit sulyap lang..."

Dear Sage, Somebody told me recently that the song you hear me humming these days is the current favorite of ” tomadors “. Well, I’m not sure if they are too inebriated to know what it really means or what makes it naughty (hence what makes it my song of the month)

When we were kids I know a friend of mine who put a small mirror on top of his shoe laces so he could see under our teacher's skirts. he calls the process "patingin sa langit" from time to time he spots tufts of the body's most intimate growth of hair peeking out of our teachers' underdrawers. He calls them "ulap"
(Now you know why you are in an ALL GIRLS' SCHOOL).

Anyway, that's why when I first heard the song, I instinctively knew that somebody somewhere was playing with words.

Only recently did I realize that the third part of the song, about the singer's request to peek behind the "stars" also was a double entendre. A cutie with well-endowed bosom play the part of a local super hero named "Darna" Her costume had two stars barely covering the upper part of her torso. That's why everyone wants a peek behind her stars.

She already belongs to somebody-- a BF. But that's the beauty of music. It reaches beyond the singer's grasp and touches everyone, even the stars. She may belong to somebody else, but for a brief moment, while the music lasts, Narda belongs to the song.

that is the essence of music, of having a sense of humor, of ART itself: It is a weapon against those who think they own the earth. or in Narda's boyfriend's case, those who think they own Narda.

The most powerful leaders of the defunct soviet union, cuba, north korea, Iran, Neo-Nazis, and Neo-Conservatives sought and are seeking to define what is and isn't art. What is funny and humorous and what is obscene-- even though it is just an irreverent remark about them.

Because in the final analysis, man's ability to communicate his feelings to another individual through his art is as formidable as the atomic bomb. Humor is not just the best medicine-- it is a lethal weapon too.

Music, like all the arts, is a communications skill. That's why I encourage you to develop your talents. But I hope that you will learn to use it not just as a weapon but as a divine tool to enrich the lives of those around you.

By the way...

A sense of humor is also an effective weapon used by women to keep their men's leashes really short. atleast that's how your mom keeps me in line.
a few days ago your mom noticed that I left my wedding ring in the bathroom. while smiling like a mischievous cat, I told her that I had no plans of wearing that ring that day so that when a cutie like narda sees me, I could still feign bachelorhood. Without missing a beat she said, "Right. I can imagine her asking you 'Doc, how old are you?' and when you tell her that you're 38 she'd say, 'And you're not married? Are you gay' "

I stopped smiling and said "hand me back my damn ring." It never left my finger the whole day.

Darn it! Darna really knows how to use her powers, eh?


snglguy said...

I wonder if kids these days still do that mirror on the shoe thing. Or maybe they've gone hi-tech and use camera phones instead. :-)

TK said...

I'm sure they've found 3G very useful.

may said...

Madami na kong nakikita na married guys na di sinusuot ang wedding ring nila sa office..so that's the reason why.haha

bing said...

single, i think they're using they're camera phones now, kaya lang mas maingat kasi mas obvious he he

tk, do not underestimate the power of the darnas of this world. :-)

TK said...

never did, never will, Bing.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan