Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lolo Ninong Benny

Dear Sage, This is the message your Ninang Jaycee sent to us...

Greetings to all our Family & Friends,

It is with our deepest regret to announce that our beloved father, Venerando " Benny" Galvez has passed away early this morning (August 11) at 2:10 am.
My father was not alone when he took his last breath. He was accompanied by his only son & youngest, Casel & his older brother Manuel "Junior". My Dad was able to see all his children altogether & also had the chance to meet & cradle in his arms his newborn grandson Sebastian Cole, born to Jennifer " Jen-Jen" & Bill.
My family would like to thank you all again for all your kind thoughts & prayers. We know everyone's been trying to get in-touch with us. Sorry, we have been very busy to even have a chance to return some of your phone calls. For those who left messages with other family members, thank you for your condolences.
Once again, Thank you all.

I read once that if you want to live forever you can do THREE things: Write a book, Plant a tree, Sire good children.

Your Lolo Ninong Benny sired FOUR beautiful, wonderful kids. I don't know if he ever planted a tree or wrote a book. It really doesn't matter.

He will live forever. Thanks to your Ninang Jaycee, Tito Casel, Tita Jenn and Tita Ochie (Guys, I'm really sorry I couldn't bring myself to write this post earlier.)

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