Saturday, January 06, 2007


Send me some silk stockings Smooth talking lipstick and curls I want a woman, more than a girl Need some lip locking, cool walking Diamonds and pearls I'll wrap 'em all up And give them the world
--Bon Jovi "Woman In Love"

Dear Sage, When we were still treating Sabine at home about 3 or 4 nights ago, I had to go to the drugstore to run some errands in the middle of the night. By chance I got a glimpse of Narda. She was inside her car that presumably brokedown with the windows rolled down that's why it was parked in front of the well-lit drugstore. She had 3 male companions with her. Probably boylet wannabees. When one of the buck toothed "mirons" (bystanders) gave a comment, ruing the absence of liquour in the drugstore and saying that "kulang na lang ang redhorse baka pwedenating pasayawin yan, para na rin tayong nasa club", that's when I belatedly realized that I was not exactly in the company of gents that would have flattered Narda. So I decided to leave immediately. I couldn't wait to tell your Mom. She was laughing too when I animatedly demonstrated to her, with my two hands in front of my chest, Narda's generous bosom. I think I used the phrase "Hooter City" too. Afterlaughing with me for a while, she paused. I thought "Hah, finally, napagselos ko." (Gotcha! Now I made you jealous) Then she gave me a naughty grin and said, "too bad she saw you carrying Huggies diapers."


But heck, I'm lucky. Other husbands would have gotten a broken jaw from their wives after that wisecrack. Your Mom took the comment I made about Narda in the spirit intended; an accolade to a woman's beauty, a nod to the wonders of aesthetic medicine/surgery, and a wink to raging teenage hormones that have yet to be tamed by the gods themselves.

Guys, your Mom is really remarkable. When Sabine and Sadie were being treated at home, she acted the part of a Pediatrician, Nurse and Nursemaid (to Sadie). We all sleep on the same bed. And whenever she's in it, you guys swarm all over her. Kinukuyog nyo. While she breastfeeds Sadie, Sage wraps her arms around her while Sabine's habit is to put her hand inside your Mom's shirt sleeve.

She has a profession and a family that adores her. She's really something, isn't she. Actually now that I think about it, the lady I saw inside the car that conked out probably was only a Narda look-a-like. But it really doesn't matter. I have my own Narda.

Let the other Narda have her limited fun with her inexperienced boylets who have yet to grasp the intricate concept of foreplay.

I have my own Narda.

She is a Superwoman

She is a Cosmogirl

She is ALL MINE.

You think that you can Live without 'em But you're asking too much You see I've slept with romance And danced with lust But there ain't no woman Like a woman in love Oh, yeah
--Bon Jovi "Woman In Love"


Cristina G. said...

Happy New Year! and congratulations for finding your own superwoman, you are indeed lucky!!! Ü

TK said...

"COSMOgirl" too.

yup. lucky me.


rain said...

i think all men should value and know their women's real worth...because in the end, it is 'she' that accepts you for whoever you are (jaded and flawed ). I would have been proud to have you as a father and friend.

TK said...

jaded, flawed, leg man, boobs man, girl watcher, in short: a red blooded guy stuck in puberty.

with all my dark sides I don't know how she could actually stand me.

God has been good to me. Maybe...

"somewhere in my bloody youth or childhood, I must have done something good"

or maybe not. I think My family is an example of a very valuable and undeserved gift from Above.

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan