Saturday, November 10, 2007

Galileo and St. Augustine

"The Bible tells men how to go to Heaven, not how the Heaven goes." --attributed to Galileo.

Dear Sabine, while looking at this picture, I was reminded of a little story I heard in school...

There’s an old story of St. Augustine walking along the beach contemplating the Trinity. Up ahead he saw a little boy digging a hole in the sand. The boy then ran out into the waves, scooped up a bucket of water, and ran back to pour it into the hole. He did this a few times until finally Augustine approached him and asked, “Boy, what are you doing?”

“See that ocean out there?” the boy asked. “I’m going to pour that ocean into this hole.”

“That’s impossible,” said Augustine. “You cannot fit the ocean in that tiny hole.”

The boy looked up at him and replied, “And neither can you, Augustine, fit the Trinity in that tiny little brain.” The story goes on to say that the boy then disappeared, as apparently he was an angel.

Religion/Faith is a mystery that does not have to be solved by the human mind. It provides the answer to the most important question of all: How do we get to heaven when we die? The answer is simple: Jesus.

Now, please understand that other questions are trivial compared to that. Questions like "How do the heavens go about in space?", "How old is the Universe?", "How did Man evolve?", etc. These questions could only be answered by the tools of human intellect: Science, Mathematics, etc. Since they are frivolous compared to the most important question of all, please don't bother asking priests or pastors about them. Instead, ask your math and science teachers. as in, Kulitin nyo sila.

Religion/Faith, does not require proof, Dear Kids. While science demands it.

(the picture was taken at the "Mataas na Bato Beach", Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.)


atticus said...

i think that's why it's called faith. you require no proof. you just believe. that's why smart men find it tough to have faith. they can't be childlike.

the smartest of them all, i think, was einstein.

i wasn't in the dead people's section of the paper when i woke up this morning. that means The Big Boss Up There wants me to have some more fun. maybe i'm meant to do something on earth, and i have yet to do it. maybe plant more trees. or have a kid. or write a book. i think He already ruled out singing, and cooking perfect adobo.

miracles are better spent elsewhere siguro. hehe.

snglguy said...

JJ, does that mean I'm smart?

TK said...

He does have a brilliant point, Amanda.

atticus said...

snugly, no. it just means you can't be childlike. hahaha!

atticus said...

btw, i referred to einstein as "the smartest of them all" in a sarcastic mode. einstein, based on what i've read about him, knew where his science ended and his faith began.

TK said...

thank God you clarified that it was a sarcastic comment. Einstein believed in Spinoza's kind of deity: An indifferent clockmaker in a purely deterministic Universe.

Unlike Albert, we believe in a personal God. so, Herr Einstein wasn't smart at all as far as faith was concerned.

TK said...

btw, yun ang sabi ni Inday na kasama namin sa bahay.

tin-tin said...

faith is something you can't explain. you just can't. kahit gano mo kagusto iexplain, mahirap :)

atticus said...

tk, grabe si inday. so propawnd and enlaytening ang langgweyg. dugo ilong ko sa kanya, lalo na nang sumali sa deal or no deal. susku.

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