Sunday, November 04, 2007

October 30, 2007 Sabine's 4th Birthday

Dear Sabine, We were on a tight budget because we had to go to the province during the long, all saint's day weekend. So we celebrated your birthday with only very few guests: us. But you enjoyed it very much. You wore your Cinderella costume and shared your Cinderella cake with us. Hey, the thumbs up sign on the right side of the picture? I noticed it just now and you told me it's your Ate Sage's hand.

The picture was taken on October 28, a sunday, when all of us were present.

On the 30th, your real birthday, we ordered a giant pizza, relatively speaking, from Shakey's.

Then on the 31st we went to your Mom's province in Tagkawayan, Quezon.

There we stayed at the house of your Lolo Teody and Lola Helen (your Ninang Deeai's parents)

They let you play with the toys

You pitched in sometimes in cleaning the house while I just slept.

We went to the beach, a mere 5 minute drive away from the house.

I think this was just Sadie's second time to swim there.

Even on Vacation, your Lola Letty was still teaching you how to write the alphabet

Spectacular View

Made more breath taking by your presence

The egalitarian beach got its name from the Rock formation on the right.

Before leaving Tagkawayan we crashed into your Lola Chole's place (Lola Letty's best friend)

Picture of Sadie and Ate Ning. Lola Chole even let Sadie keep the stuffed toy Chihuahua when her Ninang Deeai cheekily asked for it. You christened the stuffed toy "Wa-Wah"

Thank You Lola Chole for everything including the dinner and for Wa-Wah!

On the way back to Manila, we stopped at Atimonan to have a Photo-op with the Mermaid. I think you guys started talking about being excited in putting up Christmas decorations at homee not long after this stop over.

You were so surprised when we arrived, because the decorations were already in place. Thanks to your Ate Malou who was left at the house during the long weekend.

By the way, Sabine, during the ride home, you kept on playing the "cuppy cake" song in your Mommy's cellphone:

Belated Happy Birthday Anaki!


atticus said...

your kids get along so well, ano? ang babait nila.

TK said...

... actually, sometimes I do need to read to them the riot act.

(Tulog pa si Ayheen. Mamaya papabasa ko sa kanya comment mo na ito ng mangiti sya.)

bingskee said...

hi, tk! i love the pics. noticed that your all your kids resembles your features more than Ayheen.

TK said...

They have curly hairs which make them envious of their Mom everytime they see her in the morning. Straight na straight. Parang d natulog.

They are All Sweet and Charming and have her Heart. Thank God.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan