Monday, November 26, 2007


Dear Kids, unlike me, you LOVE taking care of pets. If you guys had your way, the house would be full of Dogs. But I'm not a pet lover (if it's any consolation, I wanted to be a Ladies' Man. But looking like an oaf is a great disadvantage.)

Anyway, your KJ Dad permits you to take care of an old aquarium recently resurrected when your Mom bought a Parrot and Tiger fish. Few days later your Ninang bought an Angel fish. so far, the puny tiger is making the angel swim a few laps more than necessary-- FOR Survival.

Well, let it not be said that I do not know how to keep a pet of my own. Meet Cousteau (the one swimming below)

just left click a few times on the aquarium to feed it.


atticus said...

sows. sa pangalan pa lang, di sila dapat pinagsasama. kawawa ang angel fish. ihiwalay mo plis.

NB: my late pet, john travolta, was a tiger fish.

mayaflaminda said...

hi tk! nice acquarium. great blog by the way. love your pics. :P

snglguy said...

And I thought you mentioned once that you plan get a vicious rotweiller when your girls turn 16 or something... and a shotgun.

TK said...

Pre, I think I mentioned I wanted to OWN a pitbull and a shotgun. I'll let somebody else take care of the pitbull but I'll personally clean the gun.

TK said...

Hi Maya! sino yung makapal na teacher ng theology na nagsabing wala talagang dinosaurs? at nilagay lang nang Dyos ang mga fossils nila sa rock layers "to test our faith"

lintek na 'yon, ginawa pang manloloko ang Panginoon.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan