Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Hate Big Brother

Dear Kids, just like you, your Ninong Noey used to watch soap operas when we were kids. He loved the Bidas (Heroes) and could only wish he could use supernatural powers to strike back at the Kontra Bidas (anti-heroes). I remember he hated one particular kontrabida so much that when he accidentally bumped into her (Obviously a very good character actress), he told your GrandMommy Helen that he couldn't believe he was able to stop himself from hitting her.

I laugh everytime I hear your GrandMom say this when we were kids. I'm older than your Ninong. I am his BIG BROTHER. That's why even though back then I still had to hear the term, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL, I had a suspicion what it meant just by looking at how the TV network was able to manipulate the emotions of an 8 year old boy with higher than normal intelligence.

Right now, you guys are held captive by one particular TV network- Yung network na pinagtatrabahuhan o Pinagtrabahuhan ng ibang mga makukulit na bumibisita dito sa blog nyo.

IN fact, Sadie Ann, if you hear anyone within earshot say the word "Kapitaaaaan..." you finish off the sentence with a thunderous reply: "BOOOOM!"


When your Ninang accidentally surfed the OTHER network a few months back, you took her to task, Sage, and with an accusing voice that used to belong to members of the spanish inquisition, you asked her: "Why are you watching THAT?". She couldn't help but feel like she committed heresy or treason.

Because of THAT network I couldn't watch Al Jazeera and CNN at will.

(Hoy Koryn! Kaya dapat talaga mag regalo ka na ng Wii. Pay up, dude!)

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing Angel Locsin's half naked body from time to time, in a span of a few microseconds, but I really hate it when you guys watch Pinoy BigBrother with your elders (Lola, Mommy, Ninang, Ate). They should know better. Pero pwede ba kong kumontra? Oo naman, pag gusto kong mabalian ng buto.

Abangan... Itutuloy... Promise...

Pinoy Big Brother reinforces what's wrong with the Filipino's perception of what leadership is and manipulates their emotions to accept a fascistic world view that We need an ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING, INFALLIBLE DICTATOR to fix what's wrong with the Philippines.

Sa ika uunlad ng bayan,
disiplina ang kailangan.
Hwag ka nang mag isip,
Sumunod ka na lang.
Dahil mabait si Big Brother.
Mahal ka ni Big Brother.

Sa bahay ni PBB walang civil liberties. pati CR may CCTV. You do not have privacy. You do not have the right to privately speak with anyone you want.

A few years from now, SageSabeSade, we will have the technology to wire everything into the internet. Any government in the world can monitor what you say and do in your own house if you permit them. If you will hold PBB with high esteem when you are an impressionable child, you may just let him (the government) into your own home and into your thoughts someday.

The bedrock of civil liberties, is the Freedom to THINK FOR YOURSELF without government interference.

The crooked politicians know that the Filipino misconception of real leadership (dictatorship) unwittingly being promoted by PBB is their ticket to absolute power. Filipino viewers do not realize that those inside the PBB gameshow house are like kidnapped victims. PBB has absolute power over them and are subjects of his whims and caprice. PBB can define the public's perception of the characters of those contestants. He could make anyone in his domain look like a villain or a virtuous saint in front of a TV audience. By the magic of video editing, he can take anything out of context and he can make an innocent remark by a housemate sound sinister... or HONEST. By controlling how the public perceive his contestants/housemates (mabait, plastic, nagpapakatotoo, nagkukunwari, etc.) PBB controls who gets the public's sympathy and VOTE.

This is the source of the power of PBB. The power that mass media wields over its audience. The power that Media Moguls have, from CITIZEN KANE to Rupert Murdoch to the local small time media warlords.

THE POWER OF THE FOURTH ESTATE (THE PRESS)... Such is the power that Politicians would kill for to control. Especially those angling for absolute power.

The term "Big Brother" itself refers to the omnipotent leader in the classic novel "1984" by George Orwell. He was a totalitarian bastard who used the power of the media to brainwash his subjects to submission. Everytime I hear somebody say the words "I love Big Brother" I instinctively cringe. Why? Mga Anakis, basahin nyo na lang yung Novel.

Kahit yung last page lang...


atticus said...

oh, welcome to my club.

ay hindi pala.wala nga pala akong tv (signal) ngayon. hehehe.

outnumbered ka talaga sa bahay niyo.

atticus said...

sige, hanapin ko iyong last page.

TK said...

download mo na lang. san ba ko maka ka download ng libro ni McClellan? (pssst, yung walang bayad ha.)

Penny Lane said...

"Everytime I hear somebody say the words "I love Big Brother" I instinctively cringe. Why? Mga Anakis, basahin nyo na lang yung Novel.

Kahit yung last page lang..."
-TK, asa ka pa. in this day and age?

little light said...

bumili ka na lang ng sarili mong TV. :P

TK said...

pagdating nila ng highschool required reading na yon, Koryn.

I'm accepting plasma screen TV as donation, Scout.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan