Friday, May 02, 2008

McCain's Megiddo

I read in the news that Obama had to sever his ties with his Personal Pastor (Wright) over the latter's bad habit of shooting at his own foot (while standing on Barak's head). I have to agree with Barak, his pastor is a certified loony. I'm just wondering why John McCain hasn't followed suit. NO, his pastor is not Wright but he is no less of a loony and deserves to be called Pastor Wrong. Pastor John Hagee has endorsed John McCain and is actively seeking to curry his favor. McCain should be discriminating of his religious advisers. Pastor Hagee holds views different from Obama's Pastor Wright but both are revolting and their opinions deserve to be marginalized instead of being taken as gospel truth. These 3 are his worst beliefs:

First, Hagee believes that the ancient church of Christ, the Catholic Church, is the whore mentioned in the book of Revelations. McCain must renounce Hagee even for this alone or he will alienate those self-respecting Americans with the religious conviction of that Irish-Catholic American President (Jack Kennedy).

Second, He believes that to question the political decisions of Israel's secular leaders is a violation of the scriptures (i.e., even if Israel kills innocent palestinian women and children as collateral damages, the world must look the other way). Again, McCain must sever his ties with Hagee because of this. I'm NO preacher, but if I remember right, God NEVER tolerated the sins of ancient Israel (JUDAH). In fact, FALSE PROPHETS in Jeramiah's time kept on playing the part of the pied piper by assuring Judah that it will not get any retribution from Jehovah despite of its grievous sins. THEY WERE WRONG. Jeramiah was right. Those preachers, like pastor hagee, who believe that we shouldn't condemn Israel's treatment of the Palestinians are just like the False Prophets that condemn Jeremiah's bitter message of repentance.

Third, He believes that the Palestinians should just walk away from WEST BANK and GAZAstrip because the "HOLY LAND" belongs to the Israeli's-- Not Palestinians.

This is where the title of this blog entry came from. THE POLITICS OF ARMAGEDDON

Why does he believe these things? Simple. He is willing to support Israeli policy of eye for an eye to agitate the Palestinians to do the unspeakable because in his twisted mind this will hasten the second coming of Christ.

He believes that American Foreign Policy should be centered on fulfilling their flawed interpretation of biblical prophecy: that the state of Israel should be given the land promised to Abraham even at the cost of Palestinian and Israeli BLOOD. I'm not sure if they still want the literal real estate mentioned in Genesis 15:18 (From the west of euphrates to the East of the Nile). I really don't know if they care that there are 5 or 6 Arab countries that call that vast tract of land HOME.

If John McCain does not condemn Hagee, if he does not emulate what Barak Obama did with Pastor Wright, then we cannot be faulted if we assume that he tolerates the beliefs of this False Prophet and that he will bring to the Oval Office (should the American electorate see fit to send him there come November) the flawed POLITICS OF ARMAGEDDON. The only purpose of which is to bring about...



atticus said...

ang hirap kasi sa mga iyan, eh. lahat sila may spiritual adviser na mahilig din sa camera.

pero natawa ako roon sa pamamaril sa paa. habang nakatuntong sa balikat ng iba. hehehe. mean!

TK said...

nothing beats the way they described Bush, Sr. "He was born with a silver foot in his mouth"

TK said...

My point is, why is the media focusing on Barak's EX-spiritual pastor when the beliefs of McCain's American Taliban supporters are more virulent and dangerous.

atticus said...

because no one believes mccain will win.

TK said...

DAMN! Atticus! I love ya, Man!!! Pengeng picture ng legs mo!

atticus said...

sandali, ha? nenenokin ko picture nung kay jennifer lopez. wait ka lang diyan.

Rudy said...

Hay nako, these bible-toting loonies from the bible belt should be hung by their foul-smelling balls. They are the very epitome of hypocrisy that is overtaking American foreign policy these days.

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